Some Governors’ Achievement Claims Are Mere Propaganda —David Mark

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Senate President David Mark yesterday took stock of the delivery of democracy dividends in the states and declared that some state governors have merely engaged in  propaganda with nothing on ground to show for their performance.
Mark made this remark while declaring open a two-day retreat for the Senate Press Corps in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital.
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“We have cases of governors who claimed they have constructed tunnels but you cannot find them. We have cases of overheads and you could not see them. We have cases of those who claimed they constructed dams and there were no dams,” he said.

Mark, however, commended Governor Godswill Akpabio for the transformation of the state in the areas of infrastructure. His words,
“Governor Akpabio has demonstrated an uncommon courage and the political will, despite criticisms from his enemies, to transform the state through development of infrastructure. The state has within the short period of Akpabio’s tenure  witnessed tremendous transformation.”
In his opening remarks, Akpabio advised the media to desist from publishing negative stories about the country but concentrate on the positive sides. “Good news has a lot to do with the image of not only the Senate but Nigeria. Let’s change the face of the country and look for good news that can mold Nigeria and democracy”, he enjoined the media.
Akpabio described the Senate as a “soothing balm” that “handles national issues maturely to give hope, adding that “Mark’s humility is worthy of emulation”.

Source: The Sun 

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