Group Differs With APC On Boycotting National Dialogue

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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has differed with the All Progressives Party on the party’s decision to boycott the planned national dialogue.
The All Progressives Congress has said it will not  participate in the planned  national dialogue announced by President Goodluck Jonathan on October 1. The party hinged its decision on the fact that the “dialogue was nothing but a mere constitutional amendment process’’ which  is  already  being carried out  by  the National Assembly.

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Speaking on behalf of the Coalition, its Executive Chairman, Debo Adeniran averred that it is wrong for the party to draw conclusion when committee has just begun work to fashion out the modalities for the conference.
He said, “The Conference Committee has not finished its work and so no one has determined the structure or nature of the conference yet; whether it will be sovereign, if its outcome will be subjected to referendum or if it will just be ordinary dialogue. It is very wrong to draw any conclusion at this stage.
No one has said this is the final modalities yet. At the stage that we are now, everybody is contributing to the framework of the conference. It is the preponderance of opinion that will shape the course of the conference. So if everyone boycotts it, it means we are telling the organisers i.e. the government, to do it the way it suits them. But they have given us the opportunity which we cannot deny. Hence, if we misuse the opportunity or under-utilize it, it would be our own problem.

It is not right for APC to throw away the baby with the bath water just because of their politicking. It is better they seize the opportunity, as a matter, if they put their house together, they can control the process. Because if they choose the right path, it is possible that people will agree with them.”

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