Gov. Lalong Post An Administrative Secretary From The Ministry Of Lands And Survey To PLASIEC To Recruit APC Supporters As Ad-Hoc Staff To Perfect The Rigging Of Plateau Council Elections–ADP Chairman

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Yakubu Busari

Chief Amb Nanyah Daman has accused Governor Lalong of posting an administrative Secretary from the Ministry of Lands and Survey to Plateau State Electoral Commission, PLASIEC all in a bid to rig local government election coming up by recruiting APC supporters as ad-hoc staff of PLASIEC.

The ADP State Chairman called on President Yemi Osinbajo and the All Progressive Congress (APC) as a matter of urgency to advice the Governor Of Plateau State Barrister Simon Bako Lalong to stop toying with the future and intelligence of the citizens of the state by issuing a date for the conduct of local government Council elections via the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission.

Daman hinted that information reaching the ADP posit that the sensibility of Plateau People are being joked with by Governor Lalong who instead of directing PLASIEC to commence preparation for LGC elections after dissolving the 17 L GC management committee is tinkering with the idea of replacing them with aggrieved APC politicians to pave way for his 2019 ambitions.

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The Plateau State ADP Chairman, frowns at the delay tactics of Governor Lalong by postponing the evil days as the ADP is ready to teach the failed APC government a lesson if elections are conducted today. The governor is so scared of defeat that he is running from Jos to Abuja to Port Harcourt to get counsel from his political godfathers and mothers.

Daman, the State ADP chairman warned against the plan by Lalong’s government and PLASIEC to rig the LGC elections as that will meet with stiff resistance like never before in the annals of political history of Plateau State.

The ADP chairman hinted that the Party is aware that an administrative secretary was posted from the Ministry of Lands and Survey to PLASIEC to recruit APC supporters as ad-hoc staff to perfect the rigging of the LGC elections despite the dismal performance of the ruling government in the last two years.

Daman said the APC government and governor Lalong have been rejected by the people as exemplified in the pre-arranged APC caucus meeting nicknamed town hall meetings across the 17 local governments Of Plateau State where government officials are chased away with stones and pure water.

Commenting on the mid-term report of Governor Simon Bako Lalong , the plateau State ADP chairman described  the administration as a colossal waste as the billions of naira sent to the State as allocation and the Paris club fund are not utilized for purpose intended but on frivolities and misplaced priorities like buying of cars for NASS members and carnival.

Daman reiterated that the over N1 billion spent on the cars and carnival could have been used to empower youths and women via multipurpose cooperatives and small and large scale Enterprises agency.

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