Gov. Bala Ngilari Refutes Claim By Amb. Tim Ihemadu Of His Detention By Tom Garba,Yola

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It would be recalled that the chairman, House of Assembly Electoral committee for Adamawa state Amb.Tim Ihemadu on the NTA network news of yesterday claim that the Adamawa state Governor have organized political thugs to force him to announce the results of the party primaries held on the 30thNov, 2014, among the claims are that the Governor and his men has threaten to kill him if he do not follow their biddings, according to him he obliged to do that because he was under duress.
In a swift response by the Adamawa state governor in a press release issued to journalists in Yola through the office of the Director of public government house Yola described the petition as very unfortunate.
“His Excellency described the petition as very unfortunate, saying that as chief security officer of the state and party leader, he owes the committee the duty to protect its members.” Elisha said
Another party official who want  his name to be published said the reason  why the venue of the exercise has to be changed is for their own good, the committee were not transparent enough to gain people confidence as they want to be doing things in a suspicious way by denying some certain information which is a legal right to contesters or journalists.
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“The Governor directed that the electoral committee members be moved from Muna Hotel to the presidential lodge for security reasons. The committee chairman acknowledged the Governor’s security concern when he addressed gentlemen of the press at the presidential lodge by thanking the Governor for his good hospitality and security support he accorded to them, he even cracks jokes to lighten the note by saying his colleague ,being from Taraba ,was unable to pronounce the names of the nominated candidates.

“His Excellency‘s action is in line with normal party practice in the past him being a good host to the party August visitors” He added

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