God’s Message To Apostle Macjossy, GAAICOM, And Why Igbos Are Rejected And Marginalized In Nigeria (Part 1)

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Apostle Dr PCJ Macjossy, leader of Igbo Hebrew Renaissance  and General Coordinator of General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Ministers and Organizations (GAAICOM), the foremost politically  active Igbo clergy group, had receive series of divine messages since 2002 which he said God told him concerning why Ndibo will continue to suffer in Nigeria.


These messages have been given to all Igbo public office holders, Governors, Ministers, and all leaderships of Ohanaeze Nigbo from  2003 till 2019 but they ignored them and brought untold disgrace to Ngigbo. The messages were partially ignored and that is why Ndigbo has been suffering politically, begging around for Igbo Presidency and crumbs of existence and being threatened with all manners of tragedies including Obigbo Killings, Ezu River Killings, ENDSARS  looting of Igbo properties in Lagos, killings in the North and being treated as political orphans in Nigeria.


GAAICOM had held three well attended Pre-Convention Prayers  in 2010, 2012, 2015 and is still waiting for Ndigbo to do the needful and convoke  a General Solemn Assembly whereby every Igbo everywhere will participate for the final deliverance of the race.


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GAAICOM had decided to release these messages in three tranches for the entire Ndigbo with warnings that if these demands from God is not properly met, Igbos will cry again after the 2023 elections and Nigeria will move on without them.




Genesis of Igbo Problems as Revealed by Apostle PCJ Macjossy is Summarized Below:


The formation of GAAICOM was absolutely void of any human or personal interest. It was rather a divine project and movement borne out of the quest to bring the drifted Igbo Hebrew Nation back to their creator, the Lord God Almighty.


The Igbo Hebrews are the direct descendants of Jacob, Gad, Eri-the great progenitors of the Igbo Hebrew World. The Hebrew globally are peculiar people to God. The Scriptures describe them as specially chosen/elect of the Lord. And they are equally in an everlasting covenant with the God of their destiny. As such, their covenant with God is binding on them wherever they are.


As Igbo Hebrews in Africa, they are equally in an interminable covenant with their God: who brought them to this part of the world to be His people and show forth His glory among other creations. Being favored by God, they enjoy unique kinship and affinity far above other people and races on the face of the earth.


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