Former Speaker To Late Chief Solomon Lar ,Prof. Shown Retires From Active Politics In Plateau

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Yakubu Wuyep

unnamedThe former Speaker to Chief Solomon Daushep Lar in the  Second Republic ,Prof. Dakum Shown has announced his retirement from active politics and  advised Governor Simon Lalong to put aside political differences and work for Plateau project.

Speaking to our correspondent in an exclusive interview  on Tuesday at University of Jos  Bauchi road senior staff quarters  ,Professor stated that ,”I never be active in politics again because I am going by Biblical injunction that said ,there is time for everything ,there is time to play politics and time to retire from its “.

“I have play politics as a professional ,I have seen Plateau from the beginning through  three phases starting with Benue/Plateau in those days ,the group A of Plateau are the first in dealing with people who are very honest who have given their lives for the development of the state”.

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According to him, I had the privilege to pass through that phase and one of its  is that am  still alive to testify that those first group A were not thinking of money ,.money was   nothing to them ,their joy is that anyone that got appointed is an indigent of Plateau state whether your an Engineer ,Doctor, Lawyer or anything else we are one.

The second phase is that ,I  had seen another gradual shift from love of one another to syndrome of pulling down each others ,stressing that the quest for wealth and where I am  coming from is that no matter the ideas the person had a group of tribal meetings will change their thinking .

For instance in Plateau you see the group are promoting tribes or local governments which is now gradually given way to phases of underdevelopment where people say this is my own.

Prof. Shown pointed out that the last phase is viewing Plateau where everybody is hungry to occupy positions which led to loss of respect for each other tribes,we have lost the jubilation for each other that we are gradually loosing respect for live and even from our neighbours so we now go back to self service not other service which is very unfortunate.

And when you take a critical look at this syndrome and the best options now is to retired from active politics and anybody who want to get genuine advice he can come or maybe return back to my creator because you don’t know where to correct.

If you don’t want to say anything nice is better not to say anything and pray for a change.

After been in government in several years I took my time to judge government and it’s not the beginning that matter there are many people that started well but end in destruction.

So it is too early to judge President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Bako Lalong administration, the sign of salary deduction to settled workers is very commendable.

This game on political platform my wisdom on Plateau is that government should carry everyone together.

If Lalong has the ability to do the job it shouldn’t be based on party if not there will be problem so all people should be carry along and let them contribute to the progress of the state.

“I have the great faith they will success ,for the first time a former Speaker is occupying the seat of government, am hopeful that let not lost faith God Knows way he brought him to whether he success or not”.

The true position is that I am not death for past two years I have never been sick and I remain healthy, I flew to UK for treatment and India too.

I still alive, doing my work and happy doing my work so go and tell them that am still living even though death meant nothing to me because God really bless me.

Speaking on the insecurity, he said the whole world is going under very serious security challenges from Middle East down Europe you see refugees and many people are dying on daily basic.

Shown said the Nigeria Boko Haram and insecurity all over I am happy that the Boko Haram is being tackle seriously and is gradually yearning result.

Plateau have something very unit the beautiful weather ,God fearing people are issue that people are bound to be attack, but if you have taken oil away from then you won’t see any attack going .you see I had air condition in my room since I installed it I never use it .

Even in the Military you had every fine soldiers help to keep this hatred in the people of the state.

He described the attack as the cause of disunity among the citizens but if you’re not together when the attack any village they don’t look at its , assuring everything will work together if we love each our neighbours which can help us develop positive attitude.

We should identify those that are not our own and help us to move forward.

If there is insecurity you cannot run a government so the government should do anything within its reach all the incessant killings and the refugees.

We are under siege because some those people smuggling to attack communities

He appealed to Nigerians and Plateau state citizens to support this government that nobody come forever we shall leave one by one.

Shown described the Late GNS Pwajok as the most intelligence young man who hand of death snatched in prime age.

He called on the People of the state to pray for the deceased family for God has a reason to allow that to happened so let all accept that as ark of God.

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