The Federal Character Must Be Used For All National Appointments-Edo Lawmaker

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The APC member of the house of the representatives representing Akoko  Edo. Federal Constituency, Honourable Peter Akpatason, has said that the Federal character principle must be applied at all times in national appointments.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, Akpatason who scored President Muhammadu Buhari high marks for his efforts so far in administering the country said that he was not comfortable with some of the decisions of the government as it relates to the Federal character principle.

“What the man is doing is excellent, though I might not be be very comfortable with some of his decisions. Like the tendency to put names of certain people from a particular areas in positions. This same people established federal character in this country”.

He said, “Federal character affects appointments, admissions to universities and others, so in appointments into cabinets, it should be reflected, these I am not comfortable with, but for every other thing I am ok. But if anybody wants to impeach him, that person will have confronted us first”.

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On speculations that a section of the National Assembly was planning to impeach the President, the lawmaker said, “it will be very suicidal   for anybody to think at this time of impeachment of the President, Mohammad Buhari”.

He said, “Things are hard, it is not the making of the president. He might not have solutions to the problems at this time, but if he was not there, the situation would have become worse”.

According to the lawmaker, President Buhari is, “the only man who has the guts, no matter who is involved to set up a panel to probe both military and the civilians, no matter how highly placed they are”.

“Somebody who has the guts to say that the NSA should be tried and the same thing with past civilians. I have heard some people saying the government is only trying some people. Is he to go and try those who were not in government at the time or local government councils who were not involved?”


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