Extension Of Emergency Rule In Adamawa, Jonathan Is Declaring War On Adamawa People— Nyako

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Following President Goodluck Jonathan, extension of the emergency rule in the three northern states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno, Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has decried the extension of the emergency rule in the state are he said the current declaration of the emergency in the state is like declaring war on the state.

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The governor who spoke through his Director of Press and Public Affairs ,Ahmed Sajoh said from the beginning the emergency rule in the state was indeed fabricated in bad faith as indications of security in the state never called for state of emergency in the state in the first place.
According to the Director of Press; “It was wrong ab-initio for the emergency rule to be imposed on the state in consideration of the prevailing circumstances. Those that are fighting Nyako should have the courage to fight him alone but should not drag innocent people of Adamawa into another round of hardship by extending the emergency rule in the state”.
Speaking further he said; “It is an affront for the Federal Government to contemplate extending the emergency rule on the state as the one earlier imposed was not justified.
 We call on the National Assembly to do all they can to protect the innocent people of Adamawa from the wrath of power mongers who want to punish the whole people of Adamawa in order to get at Nyako.”
“If the Federal Government has an issue with Nyako, it does not mean that the whole people should be collectively punished,” he said.
Ahmed Sajoh also said that if the nearness of the Adamawa state to  Borno and Yobe states is the criteria for the extension of the state of emergency in the state, then other states such as  Bauchi, and Jigawa should also be included in the emergency rule.

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