Exposed: How Bauchi Governor, Mohammed Abubakar Planned To Move Bauchi State’s N4.150 Billion Excess Crude Money To Another Account

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An inquest by Bauchi Coalition against financial Crimes and Injustice (BACAFCI), an anti-corruption group, has exposed how Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State planned to move out the sum of Four Billion, One Hundred and Fifty Million naira, which is a money belonging to Bauchi State Excess crude account.

According to BACAFI’s exposition it said having gone facts finding mission about some funds domiciled in two different banks accounts, they discovered a very disturbing discovery and in the course of their findings they  found out that there are two unknown and undisclosed accounts in UBA and Unity Bank respectively.

It was discovered that the the UBA account has TWO BILLION EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION NAIRA, ( N 2 . 850 billion ) excess crude oil funds for the 20 local Governments of the State in account number 1012031164. While Unity Bank has ONE BILLION, THREE HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA, ( N 1. 3 billion ) excess crude oil funds belonging to the State Government in account number 0330134409. This means the two respective banks are the custodians of FOUR BILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION, ( N 4 . 150 billion ). This money has been in these banks for quite some times. But there are loans received in respect of the funds kept in the banks, and the loans were not serviced.

But, on assuming office, it was learnt that the Government of Mohammad Abdullahi Abubakr met the undisclosed funds. The Government directed the banks to transfer the whole amount to FCMB with account number 0998552074. The banks refused to comply with the directives of the State Government, because the Government is the two banks and since they State owes them, there is no way they can allow the State Government move the money to another account.

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However, this medium finding reveals that the two banks noncompliance made the Government of Mohammad Abdullahi Abubakar to sue them in the State high court on 22nd May 2018. The suit number is BA/123/2018. He wanted the court to compel the banks to comply. According to the Government, the money if transferred will go into Treasury Single Account (TSA), but as it is according to BACAFI findings, there is nothing like TSA in Bauchi State.

Based on the tussle between the State Government and the two banks, UBA and Unity Bank, BACAFCI directed its counsel ( A . A . SANI & CO ) to write to the Governor demanding for explanation on why this huge amount will be moved at once, which it said it in line with the freedom of information Act, the anti-corruption group also copied the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, as well as the Commissioner of Finance.

According to BACAFI, it said, the letter was written on June 8th 2018, and was delivered on 9th June 2018 with two weeks ultimatum to reply with details explanation as regards to what the money will be used for. BACAFI said; “Bauchi State people are not aware about this huge lodgments. They need to know what belongs to them. Till date no reply or response from the State Government to BACAFCI.

BACAFI said; “We are afraid of the movement of this money, though the banks had done what is right, by taking them to court to expose the Government intention of shoddy transactions. They can’t release the money after all the Government owes them. Failure of the reply by the Government compelled us to go public. According to the Originating Summons of the court proceedings, which said, undisclosed/unknown/unremitted funds domiciled in the respective accounts with them and which belongs to the first plaintiff that’s the (State Government).” was told by this medium that since the Government refused to inform its citizens, how ( N 8.6 billion ) bailout funds , over ( N 20 billion ) Paris club funds, ( N 11 billion ) budget support facility, ( N 4 billion ) controversial UBA loan, and all the Statutory monthly allocations for State and local Governments over the years were utilized, or perhaps they all went down the drain? They are  advising the Governor not allow the ( N 4 . 150 billion ) to go the other way too.”

“BACAFCI wants this money to be used to reduce the gratuities of retired civil servants, after paying the banks their loans. Though, the matter is in court, we will remain watch dogs and see how this money will be removed Allah willing. We must not use violence in any way. We must remain calm, steady and focus as 2019 is approaching.”

See BACAFI Full Letter To The Governor

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