Educationist Eulogized Gov Al-Makura’s Transformation Agenda, Advises Doma Lg Chairman By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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An educationist in Doma Local Government of Nasarawa state has called upon the executive chairman of the council, Henry Omaku to leave up to expectation by fulfilling his promises to the people.
Bilyaminu Abubakar has stated this exclusive interview with our reporter, He advises the Local Government chairman to ensure the fulfillment of his covenant with the people of relocating Doma central market to a new location.

Other promises also include the construction of a befitting roundabout as well the relocation of abattoir and sugar cane market to open locations as well construction of feeder roads, He said if all this are achieved within the shortest time sky will be the starting point of the present administration in Doma Local Government.
Abubakar who is among the front-line people seeking for an appointment as the Education Secretary of the Local Government called on the chairman to remind focused and committed in the discharge of his duty to the people of Doma Local Government.
He also sues for peace and unity among the different ethnic groups for the current chairman to succeed, Bilyaminu task Honorable Henry Omaku to support students in the locality by introducing scholarship to indigent students in the area.
“All this holistic effort will go a long way in alleviating the hardship faced by students,Bilyaminu Abubakar said if appointed as ES he will brought in new ground so as to effect changes in primary education been the cradle of education .
Calling on the highest authority to encourage primary school teachers in the state by given award to deserving teachers as well sanction teachers indulging in truancy, saying only this will ensure productivity among teachers.
The academician commended Governor Al-Makura for his transformation of the education sector, “Public schools are a safe haven for reptiles and rodent before Governor Al-Makura take over the mantle of leadership, The present regime succeeded in breaking yoke of business as usual.
He appealed to the people of the state to rally round the incumbent administration for him to consolidate on his string of success, Said Abubakar.

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