Drama As Customers At A Filling Station In Bauchi Forced Bauchi Speaker To Join Queue

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There was a mild drama last Saturday at NNPC Mega filling Station situated along Jos road in Bauchi, according to a source the Speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Hon. Kawuwa Shehu Damina, with his long convoy has driven to the filling Station to fill in their vehicle when a mild drama ensued between him and other customers who were in a queue waiting for their time.

As gathered the Speaker who thought with his position as the Speaker of the State House would be able to drive inside the filling station and filled the tank of his vehicle and other vehicles on his entourage met a brick wall as he was resisted by the customers who were also at the filling station queuing to also buy fuel.

According to a close source who confided in this medium stated that all efforts and pleading by the Speaker to get his car tank filled was rebuffed by the angry customers at the filling station who insisted the Speaker must join the queue like others at the station.

The source also stated that the irate customers at the filling station told the Speaker that he has now remembered he can use his position as Speaker to get what he wanted, speaking further they stated that the Speaker and other persons in place of authority will not want to use their position to get things done for the people who are entrusted into their hands.

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The Speaker was accused by the customers that he has not used his position to do anything since coming into office, on what looked like a transferred aggression, the accused the Speaker of not doing anything that favours the people, for instance he was also accused of not doing anything to all the numerous petitions sent to the State Assembly for consideration.

He was also accused of sweeping of all the petitions under the carpet, as he has not the taken time to address or look into any of them.

Corroborating, what the irate customers stated, the source told this medium that it is true that the Speaker has not done what is expected of him. He stated several petitions have been sent to the House for consideration, but the House has not looked at any one of them.

For instance, there has been petitions on the issue of the N4 billion loan, has been written to him to investigate, but that has been swept under the carpet.  Not only that, several petitions have been written concerning the issue of the approval of the Substantive Chief Judge but he has remained mute on that.

The above mentioned are just but a few, as there are other many petitions written to the House under the Speaker’s leadership that he has failed to look at.


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