Why We Have Not Paid Workers Salary-Bauchi Govt

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Logpobiri Anaiya

The Bauchi State Deputy Governor has attributed non- payment of civil servants salary, especially teachers to the ongoing verification exercise.

This was just he sought the support of journalists in totality in the fight against the scourges of corruption that faces the country.

Engineer Nuhu Gidado made the statement at a workshop/seminar organize by the correspondent’s chapel, Bauchi state on media training and capacity building with the theme towards achieving professionalism in the practice of journalism in a democracy.

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The deputy governor added that the current APC administration is committed to cleaning the mess of the ousted administration as it is worried by the existence of ghost workers in the state.

“It’s our determination to effect the change mantra in the entire civil service to get rid of corruption, that was why government initiated this verification exercise to authenticate the work force, that was why salary payment is delayed and we are calling on people to kindly restraint patience,” Gidado said.

Gidado described journalists as the agents of positive change in the society in reflection of their role to inform, entertain and to educate people.

Earlier, speaking, the Commissioner of Information Alhaji Baba Madugu expressed dissatisfaction over the dearth of journalists, especially in the state owned electronic media.

He stressed that the situation has an adverse negative tendency for reporting government activities related to its achievement and assured that the current government will digitalized the stations in line with NBC directive.

Chairman of the correspondent Chapel Jibo Zannan Gital said, the workshop is organized to expose journalists on factual reporting and to guide against unethical reporting in a democratic system of government.

He assured that the chapel is ready to partner with government and stakeholders in the business of information dissemination.

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  1. abubakr attahir says

    Comment:In my own view, verification is good in fishing out the so call ghost workers.. And I think this is probably the 3rd successive verification by the current administration. So are we to expect more of these verification comes next three months and so on..? Are there any measures taken to ensure that the system is free of ghost workers.? .. Will there be punishment for any person caught with hand in such practices? Because we’re tired of this verification issues…

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