Democracy Day Nothing To Celebrate In Jigawa- Alhaji Sani Ya’u Babura

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Usman Abubakar Babura

As APC government in Jigawa approaches 2 years in office, the people are crying due to none supply of good portable drinking water this is as investigation conducted throughout the 27 local government areas of the state and views from many people has described the APC administration in Jigawa State as a total failure because there was no human development and there are no any sign of infrastructural development.

The claims of huge amount of money spent on water project in the State by the Badaru’s administration may not be true after all as there are no water in the state.

For instance the water project in Kazaure alone will gulp over N150 million, a source confirmed that the Kazaure water problem is along history because they have that problem of water scarcity since the than old Kano state after all Saminu Turaki who was a former governor of Jigawa state and who also came from Kazaure emirate but was unable to solve the problem.

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After Saminu’s administration his predecessor Governor Lamido also tried his best to curtail the issue but didn’t succeed on the issue and the present administration of Governor Badaru when he did his own political campaign it centered on water for communities but yet people are suffering of poor supply of water to communities.

In some places like Gumel , Gagarawa Kaugama, Yan Leman Hadejia, Kafin Hausa, Birnin Kudu ,Kiyawa , Jahun , a Can of water vendor is sold at the cost of N20 while In Kazaure, Gwiwa, Roni, Yankwashi Babura a truck of water is sold at the cost of N300.

This situation has led to majority of children not being  able to attend full class lessons in their respective schools while married women especially the poor who has no means of getting water by donkey or commercial Motorcyclist suffers a lot before they get water that they could use in their house.

While going round the state our reporter spoke with Alhaji Sani Ya’u Babura who is a business mogul in Kano and one time chairman of IPMAN in Kano state and a  PDP member who contested to represent Babura federal constancy at National Assembly said Jigawa state has nothing to celebrate because nothing has been done in the State in the last two years of Badaru’s administration especially in the area of human development and water supply.

Adding that people in the rural areas are seriously suffering of lack of water and they have no means of eating three square meals daily, talk less of buying medicine in the hospital,  because government has not provided free medication to people as they promises to do during their electioneering  campaign to people.

Explaining further he said the common people and civil servants and other groups of people including politicians of the same party APC were not happy with the way and manner thing are going on in Badaru’s administration because things are not going the way it supposed to be.

According to him, it has come that members of the party APC are talking with our members that in whatever capacity they will not vote for Badaru for a second term instated of voting him they will rather vote for PDP candidate because Badaru lack of good administration.

He said that; “all the money Badaru said he earmarked to arrest the situation of water shortage in Jigawa state will not anything in the state because as I am talking from experience, I swear to God all the projects were awarded to contractors was who has deliberately failed the government.

Lamenting further he said that always some politicians makes empty promises and  they don’t know that they are killing themselves politically because the time for empty promises has pass.

He said that people are tired of Badaru style of leadership because people are suffering of poverty seriously to the level that man could not be able to feed his families three time a day.

“Jigawa state communities will agree with me that no single local government out of the 27 local government areas in the state that has no problem of water shortage.

Also Bala Idi Kazaure who is the Special Adviser on Political Party Relation said there is a lot of a complaint on water project that was awarded by the APC administration in Kazaure, the project is going on as he said the contractor has failed to complete the water project as it promises to kazaure communities.

Bala idi said many people had approached him with the issue but added the government that government is doing its best to arrest the situation.

Also in Garki Local Government investigation carried out shows in the last four years people of Garki are suffering the lack of water  due to power failure in the area,  a situation which has led many people to use open well while others travel for kilometers to get good water.

Malam Musa Adamu who is a staff at the local government said the contractor handling the Garki water works has failed the APC government and there is need for Governor Badaru to investigate those handling the water project all over Jigawa state because they are not willing to handle the projects.

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