Council Boss Seeks Partnership With Leventist Foundation To Rebuild Barkin Ladi

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Yakubu Busari

The Management Committee Chairman of Barkin /Ladi Local Government Council, Barr. Ezekiel Mandjau has led powerful delegation to Leventist Foundation in Abuja in his bit to partner with the foundation for development of the council

Mandjau solicited the partnership of all a sundry to enable revamp back the council as one of the agrian community that known for food basket of the nation.

According to him, the council is one of the most hit in area of communal dispute that require prompt attention from the government and the private and international community for restoration of business activities to strife.

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In his message, Barr Ezekiel emphasized the need for preaching peaceful coexistence amongst the people of Barkin Ladi for them to witness development across the districts.

He also seeks for intervention to rebuilt roads network return back all the internally displaced persons and the orphans, widows and vulnerable women and children affected by the internal crises.

Ezekiel stresses on promotion of love and understanding which is one of the panacea across the globe for people to imbibe the culture of tolerance in handling their differences.

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