Corruption In Plateau State Government As Officials Sell And Vandalise Govt Property In Secret By Yakubu Ventim,Jos

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Ahead of May 29 2015 dateline for Governor Jonah David Jang to officially hand over to a democratically elected Governor, his high ranking officials in the state ministries, departments and agencies are now selling and vandalizing government property.
Universalreporters gathered that illegal auction ,double sells of Land ,vehicles which is said to have taken place in some of the key ministries (name withheld) our findings revealed that the commissioner, permanent secretary and top other ranking officials engaged their aides to breached the laid down procedures for such auction to sell  government properties including  land ,vehicles and other valuable items to themselves illegally, without the consent of board of survey ,using fictitious names.
A senior officials in one  of the ministry (name withheld) who was short-changed in the illegal deal told , Universalreporters that the decision to auction the vehicles many of which it was all agreed that it should be kept secretly ,and within themselves.
Our source revealed that those who benefited from the dirty sale of the government vehicles and lands many of which were fairly used and serviceable include the Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, serving Directors, deputy and few retirees, as their send-off package.
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Universalreporters gathered that among the vehicles sold include Five 504 Peugeot Station Wagons, Two Toyota Starlet and Three Volkswagen Golf cars that were allegedly auctioned at, N130, 00 only, also landed property around Bukuru express was sold by the ministry in charge.
Our information source, acknowledged that the procedures of such sales that cannot be on lower price.
However, Universalreportersgathered that staff and members of the general public and the board of survey were left out of the shading deal, it was also alleged that officials of the ministry then also misappropriated and converted monthly impress to personal use, only to apply for funds under different heads of expenditures to meet the same sundry for which the monthly impress were meant.
The head of service, Mr Ezekiel Dalyop when contacted to commence on the activities of some of his senior staff denied having knowledge of the alleged fraudsters business by officials of some ministries in the state.
Dalyop cautioned civil servants in the state against corruption and taking government property without approval.
He urged them to be law abiding citizens but not to taking law into their hands, and undermining the government and the state civil service rule.

However efforts to speak with some senior officials prove abortive as most of them declined statement.

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