College Of Education Gindiri Celebrate Cultural Diversity Of Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

It was celebration galore at the College of Education Gindiri as the Institution marked her annual cultural day festival, the event brought people from far and near to catch the a glimpse of the event.  The occasion also brought about twenty Ethnic groups together to  participate at the event, the National associations of Bijim, Mikang, Afizere,Irigwe,Mwagavul,Ngas,Taroh,Berom,Ron,Mushere,Kulere,Pyem,Kadung,Pan,Mupun,Baghom,Fulbe,Bauchi,Igbo, etc as Students from these tribes  all showcased their rich culture and presentations.

The Dean Students Affairs of the School Michael Damtong as well as the Acting provost appreciated all the students for their beautiful heritage, as he said the day is a great one for the college of Education Gindiri, adding that it is one of the activities that will make them happy in the College, the provost said that, the Provost football competition and NAPSS Election is in the Pipeline and urged the students to showcase their good character and shun all social vices that will negate their academic activities .

The Dean urged the students to trace their historical root and know where they came from urging the students union Government to imbibe rules of the constitution.

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The article also emphasized on unity that is why the Student union government celebrates the day every year.

Student Union Government of the College also stated said that the cultural day is an annual event that is organized by the SUG to promote Peace and unity among the students and the most important is for them to interact as students and also with their lecturers to share the same interest to promote their cultures.

He thanked God for seeing them through as EXCO and that they were   able to achieve a lot in office, CEO Gindiri emerged as winners during the NAPSS quiz competition and became second during mathematics competition in Abuja, the SUG in collaboration with NAPSS purchased a Car for the institution and are involved in the work which is ongoing at the SUG secretariat and which they have obtained building materials for the progress of the work.

Highlight of the occasion was the presentation of award to the Tsum pyem and other Traditional Rulers in Mangu local area.

The SUG applauded government for the total return of peace in the state and Nigeria in general.

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