COCIN Church President, Datiri Advocates Ban On GSM In The War Prone Areas By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The President Church of Christ in Nations ,COCIN, Rev. Dr Dachollom Datiri has advocated  the ban on the use of  GSM by all security apparatus in  a  war prone area  so that the military strategies are not leaked out to the terrorist group .
Speaking during the 87 General Church Council ,GCC, meeting held at the COCIN headquarters yesterday in Jos , the COCIN President advised government on the need to restrict free communication amongst the army personnels in war zones .
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He said the federal government should ban the use of  GSM network, which most of  them are now  using it as a spy to link up with international terrorist organizations as an  informant .
Datiri tasked Nigerian  politicians to respect the sanctity of life and  play the game according to the rules .
We must pray for the 2015 elections and at the same time be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves
Datiri called on members to ensure they are registered and get their voter’s card ,” he also appealed to Christians worshipers  ,and the COCIN members to listen to their consciences when they elect leaders at whatever level.
He said the Church of Christ in Nations has called on RCC Chairmen and their Executives to ensure that vision and mission of faith are vigorously and faithfully pursued .
According to him, “we are focusing on discipleship ,prayer ,revival which is the total mandate of pastors ,leaders ,we cannot make disciples until we become disciples ourselves”.
Datiri slammed the security over the abducted of 200 school girls were more souls have been taken by the Boko Haram sects and this is a clear sabotage from the security system.
 We urge  the military to continue to fight this menace because many people are now traumatized under hardship and unimaginable conditions.
He accused the Islamic leaders for promoting Boko Haram ideology ,our Muslims brothers in the north have embraced stool to fight Christians to assert their supremacy as well as rustle power out of the hands of Christians .

Datiri called on the Nigerian government and the Nigerian army to as a matter of urgency purge itself of Boko Haram in its ranks.

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