Campaign Of Arrest: Bala And Bomoi Are Wasting Their Time- Tukur Mamu

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Desert Herald Publisher Tukur MamuIn an interview he granted today to Africa Media Watch, a South African based monthly Magazine published by the Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa, PRJA, DESERT HERALD Publisher, Mallam Tukur Mamu who is also the Dan-Iyan Fika said the ongoing sponsored campaign of columny by the former minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bala Muhammad and the embattled Director Treasury of the FCT, Ibrahim Bomoi is dead on arrival.

He said what they are instigating and bribing some corrupt police officers to do under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari will never be possible even if one of them happens to be the Inspector-General of Police today. He assured that that the brazen impunity and abused of office he suffered in their hands during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan has gone for good, forever.

“Bala and Bomoi should hide their faces in shame for dedicating nearly three years, plotting, spending money, visiting marabouts without succeeding against me. They have only succeeded in making my name and that of my paper a house hold name throughout Nigeria and ridiculing themselves too. They are cowards that can only function by manipulating official institutions like the Police. I can assure them the business will no longer be as usual.

The days of impunity under this regime is over. There is nothing the president did not know about my case with them since before he came Aso Rock. So the issue of plotting, instigating my arrest under this system or manipulating for the withdrawal of my Masters Degree Certificate by them will never succeed. As a nemesis they are only being used, deceived and drained by a corrupt, unwise and highly unintelligent so called SAN that has failed them over the years despite the millions he is charging them. Otherwise how can you imagine a lawyer, a SAN to engage in a criminality and illegality by creating a phantom group in a desperation to achieve what he woefully failed to achieved in the court?

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One may wonder how a Senior Advocate of Nigeria failed to see the legal implication of allowing official documents of the police they fraudulently possessed to be published under a ‘group’ he created. Had J.K Gadzama knows his work before they decided their publication they could have effectively succeeded against me. But they are desperate and so much in a rush to execute what they thought is the final onslaught that will silence me forever. We thank Allah”. Mamu said he believes the consistent failure of Bala and Bomoi against him is making them insane with no clear idea of what to do after exhausting all their mischief.

Mamu said empty threats of organising protest even by thousands of phantom groups like the ‘Advocates Against Corruption’ will never achieve the desire of Bala, Bomoi, Gadzama and Tangaza against him. He challenged them to organise such demonstrations and assured them they will go home more frustrated than ever.

In another development, a retired Police DIG in an interview with DH said what th Police at the General Investigation Unit through ACP Umar MURI and the IPO did by compromisin official/confidential letters of the IGP and CP GI Unit to ex-FCT Min, Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi in the case of DH Publisher, Tukur MAMU, “is a breach of investigation and a clear case of TREASON & CONSPIRACY that MUST be investigated”. He said BALA’s ‘ADVOCATES AGAINST CORRUPTION’ must disclose where they got official letters of d IGP and CP GI. He lamented why the police initially disregard a court order and even continue with the investigation. The retired DIG who doesn’t want to be named advice IGP Solomon Arase to be very careful with corrupt elements of the former regime that are determined to tarnish the image of the police force for their selfish desire and urged him to fully investigate the complicity of the police in the case.

The Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa also in a letter to IGP Arase commended him for the professional manner he is handling the matter so far and demanded the prosecution of all those involved in the fraudulent conspiracy against its member, Mamu. In the letter which they copied President Muhammadu Buhari, they told the IGP that they are closely monitoring the case and insisted that journalists most not be persecuted under PMB.

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