Benjamin Obadiah, Vows To Promote Youth Empowerment Programs In Pengana Constituency

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Yakubu Busari

A renowned  Youth, Hon Benjamin Obadiah Dogolamba has assured the people of Pengana constituency that his dexterity and confidence of building bridges of love understanding amongst the diverse ethnic tribes in Plateau will remain sacrosanct if given the mandate to make laws that promote unity and togetherness come  2023 for the position of Plateau State House of Assembly.


He made this disclosure in an interactive session with some stakeholders at Polo in Jos North LGA , where he said his sedulous of hard work and productive representation will be giving a hallmark to his constituent.


According to him,Pengena remains backward in the area of road construction where most of the area is not accessible to the people during the rainy season so we want to dislodge the present member for his incapability to deliver on his campaign promises to the people.


He disclosed the Nigerian government under the present regime has failed to address the problems of unemployment with a lot of graduates roaming about the streets in search of a white collar job which is not forthcoming.


Dogolamba said his empowerment programs on skills acquisition, to also open center for training women and youth on vocational skills and engaging them of the productive venture is one of his priorities.


He frowned at the use of godfatherism in politics stressing that he won’t have any but he believed in and trusting in God Almighty by calling on the youth to focus more on building confidence in God.


Benjamin Obadiah added that we the youth most encourage ourselves to reposition the politics of this country because our leadership has failed us completely.


We are calling on our fellow youth to participate actively in the political affairs of this country, we lack health care delivery, including the dilapidated stage of our primary health care gives him serious concern.



it is goodies being enjoyed by thousands of people around the state. A seen promising lawmaker to build bridges and gap of leadership for the common man in Pengana constituency., he added.


Benjamin Obadiah is known as a Man of peace and detribalized Nigerian that believes in the total unity of the country, a known philanthropist of international reputes whose attitudes to good works no know bounds, not minding who you are, your tribe, or religion you profess before he can be of help.


above all prefers to be the maintainer and keeper of the traditional institute. A good custodian of the norms and values of his tradition hence his love of Peace and the unity of Plateau is on top of his agenda.


His likes are few, his types are rare, no wonder the master planner (God) is rising him higher, from unstoppable step to another step of Glory.


Yes! Who knows, Benjamin Obadiah Dogolamba is a willing vessel God is preparing to use to take Pengana , Plateau state to an enviable state. The world is waiting for this young, visionary, and dynamic intelligent man to the circle of world leaders.


He is a good man to watch in the growing up, going down the political swinging pendulum of Plateau state. A star whose shining abilities are a future glory of the state.


The horizon in the Middle-Belt with dominant colors of beauties is about to breakout.

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