Bauchi At A Glance: 100 Days Achievements Of Governor Bala Muhammad In Office

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Umaruje Hassan Azare ( Umarujen Gwamna)

It could be recalled that Senator Bala Muhammad has promised to do so many things at the time of his official inception of political power in his first 100 days in office as the Executive Governor of Bauchi State. But things have changed after he was sworn in because there are issues that needed to be addressed which were not part of the Promises he made earlier and those issues are the priorities of good People of Bauchi State. And as the executive Governor, who came to serve the people, he ought to do what they rightly want or desire.

Senator Bala Muhammad during the time he was sworn in as the Governor of Bauchi State, he met the state with so much problems like, five years unpaid allowances and leave grants, outstanding pension and gratuities, dilapidated school buildings, ghost workers in Government payroll, unequipped Hospitals and Bad roads and Some uncompleted road projects which made it very difficult for motorist to pass-by, while some of the roads have worn out, becoming death traps for the people.

In Bauchi, Governor Bala Muhammad is meritoriously being triumphed for being one of the few opposition candidates to have defeated the incumbent Governors in Northern Part of the Country. He was also celebrated for the bold and positive Decisions and actions he has taken from the day he was sworn in as the Duly Elected Governor of Bauchi State which have impacted positively on the lives of his people. The truth of the matter is that whoever knows Senator Bala Muhammad during his days as FCT Minister and the kind of development he had brought to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) would never doubt his ability, agility, and capability to deliver. Going back on his track records in the FCT, the good people of Bauchi State have witnessed a better days and more hope for their state in him than the incumbent that is why they came out en masse to give him their unalloyed support and votes at Polls which made him victorious in the last General Election, defeating the incumbent with more than fifty thousand votes.

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The actions of this workaholic, shrewd and physically astute Politician has demonstrated that the people of Bauchi State have made the right choice because his first days in the office gave them a signal that Bauchi would be great under his watch.

Below are some of the Achievements recorded by Governor Bala Muhammad in his first 100 days in office?

  1. Governor Bala Muhammad has declared the State of Emergency in the Health Sector. This move was part of his effort in finding a lasting solution to the challenges facing the Health Sector in the State.
  2. Governor Bala Muhammad launches the 2019 fertilizer sales at subsidized price to farmers in Zaki Local Government Area.
  3. Governor Bala Muhammad has launched a Youth Empowerment programme that will engage 20,000 across all the Local Governments of the state as part of his administration effort to end sycophancy and thuggery in the state.
  4. Governor Bala has sourced 5billion naira intervention for eduction in Bauchi during his visit to UBEB Abuja.
  5. Governor Bala Muhammad has launched special environmental Sanitation exercise in Bauchi as part of his administration’s effort to keep the state clean.
  6. Wells disinfection Exercise was organized for the first time in the history of Bauchi State by primary health care development Agency under the Administration of Governor Bala Muhammad.
  7. Governor Bala Muhammad approved the Establishment of Petroleum studies and Skills Acquisition institute. The institute is to be located at Alkaleri Local Government Area.
  8. Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Muhammad has joined other State of the Federation in keying into Ruga Settlement initiative to help boost Agriculture and end Farmers and herders’ conflicts in the State.
  9. In a considerate move to eliminate Corruption in Bauchi State’s Civil Service. The Executive Governor of Bauchi State has discovered many Ghost workers in the State’s payroll and ordered the Head of Service not to hesitate in eliminating them and block linkages
  10. Governor Bala Muhammad has approved the construction of the first school building in Nasarawa Dindima Village. The village has been in existence for decades but since the inception of Democracy in Nigeria, it was Governor Bala Who erects the first school building in the village in his effort to inculcate the habit of reading and learning in the rural area and to prompt the people to Western education.
  11. Governor Bala Muhammad has pledged to support and provide all the required logistics for the Sustenance of homegrown school feeding programme in the state.
  12. As part of his Administration effort to Fight Corruption. Governor Bala Muhammad has constituted property and Recovery Committee and charges them to do their job without witch hunt and intimidations.
  13. Governor Bala Muhammad has in collaboration with SDG’s donated Six Ambulances to General Hospital Darazo, Garin Na Allah PHC Centre, Gobiya PHC, Udubo Maternity, and Mashema PHC to ease the transportation of patients from Rural Areas to the cities.
  14. Governor Bala Muhammad has started taking measures to improve the state Gross Domestic Product to reduce over-dependency on Federation account.
  15. Governor Bala Muhammad has met with the delegates from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dangote Foundation and signed Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) to provide Free medical services and Food Security to the good people of Bauchi State
  16. Governor Bala Muhammad Has given over 2million people access to safe, clean and portable drinking water by awarding a contract for the Rehabilitation and expansion of water Supply Facilities for Bauchi metropolis. The project will cost over 137 million Naira under State Urban water and sewage Corporation.
  17. Governor Bala Muhammad has deposited 200million Naira out of 339 million naira Budgeted for Basked Fund Contribution to show his commitment to reviving the Primary health care in the State.
  18. Governor Bala Muhammad has donated 300Riyals to all pilgrims from Bauchi state in addition to the reduction of 20,000 as part of his determination to ensure Welfare of the Pilgrims
  19. Governor Bala Muhammad has awarded the contracts for the construction of Two Roads in worth one billion Naira in Azare which include General Hospital Road to Jama’are, Azare Bypass and Tafawa Balewa Road to Jama’are, Shira Roads in Azare as part of the urban revival of the administration heading by him.
  20. Governor Bala Muhammad has sourced the total sum of 600 Million for the purchase/provision of learning materials for Primary Pupils across the state from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  21. Governor Bala Muhammad has awarded a Contract for the construction of Road worth 3billion Naira from Sade to Akuyam Road linking Darazo and Misau Local Governments Areas
  22. As part of his Administration commitment tp tackle Environmental Challenges which include drought, desertification, erosion and floods, The Executive Governor of Bauchi state has flagged off the Tree Planting Campaign with the theme; Planting For Reclamation Program which held at Bauchi state University Gadau
  23. Bauchi State is to benefit from a grand of 3 million dollars from better education Service delivery for all project. The said amount is to be sourced by the Governor as part of his administration effort to revamp educational Sector in the state.
  24. Governor Bala Muhammad has approved the Standing order for the release of monthly 5% of internally generated revenue and 1% of all Local Government Area Subversion of Bauchi state Health Trust Fund.
  25. Governor Bala Muhammad has released the Sum of 100 Million as the First Batch for the payment of outstanding Gratuity of retired Civil Servants in the state.
  26. Governor Bala Muhammad has approved the construction of Road linking Alkaleri and Tafawa Balewa Local Governments Areas of Bauchi state at the cost of eight billion Naira. The project will benefit about 8 Communities which include Yalwan Duguri to Badaran Dutse, Birim-Bajama to Kumbala, and Kundak Wurno to Burga Villages
  27. Governor Bala Muhammad Has awarded Contracts for the construction of Roads in Bauchi Town at the cost of five billion naira. The roads include Muda Lawan market road dual carriage, Sabon Kaura-Jos road, Miri village on Jos road and link Dass road by the ATBU and Gombe road and connect the Maiduguri road
  28. Governor Bala Muhammad has awarded complete Reconstruction of Zaki District Head Palace which was burnt down 7 years ago.

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