Bafarawa Tasks Delegates To Make Choice Of Credible Leaders Or Destroy Democracy 

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Yakubu Busari


A former Governor of Sokoto and a Presidential Aspirant who vying for the office of President ahead the 2019 general election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), Attahiru Dalhatu  Bafarawa,has urged delegates to make the right choice of credible leaders who can transform Nigeria democracy to better the lot of the people’s living standard.


He disclosed that he left over  N13 billion into the state government account after spending 8 years in office as the Executive Governor.


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He told PDP faithful last Saturday in Jos that he has never been a poor person to deceive Nigerian but he commensurate his words with action for not receiving a kobo during his tenure as the executive Governor and he refused to live in governor residential quarter in Sokoto.


According to him, I am here on the Plateau as one of them to solicit for their support toward wooing our national delegates across the 36 states ahead of PDP presidential primary scheduled to hold October 6 this year.



Mr. Bafarawa who was speaking to PDP supporters lamented the deception used by aspirants as political miscalculation after they all neglect the electorates but he urged them to beware of the APC leadership that had to destroy the peaceful disposition of this country.


He accused President Muhammadu Buhari that he is not a democrat and can’t run democratic government to provide people the dividends of democracy.



Mr. Bafarawa described himself as a Democrat and therefore called on delegates to choose him during Party primary to end the present hardship they are experiencing as a people.



“I use to tell people that the delegates are very special people but they have lifespan and delegates are often used and dumped, however, in the next few weeks, you will expire. Now, we are going around this country looking for your support. The leadership of the party is the ladder for which the people will use to climb.



He figured out that, “that  is why some politicians will use the party to get what they want and later dump them, It is very certain that nobody becomes a governor or president without your support you the delegates ,that is why we are here looking for your support ,don’t rush take your time and listen to everyone and decide whom you choose. So, make sure you vote someone that has this country at heart.



According to Bafarawa,” I am not desperate to get this power because I believe God gives power to whomever he wishes”.


“We are making mistake in this country and we have to correct that mistake. When we are talking of democracy, we mean we have to get democratic people to rule this country. You will never get a medical doctor to operate in art, he will not succeed, and neither can you get someone from art to operate in science. A doctor is only a doctor. That is why we find it very difficult today in this country because the person who is governing this country is a military man by training and can’t expect him doing what a Democrat will do.


“The military Officers are very professional and intelligent on their own field most of this generals are analog and we need digital people to govern this country”.


We are playing with our lives; this political arena we are operating should be changed. We have to operate by the rules of the game. Since we are talking about the rule of the game, we have to get someone that will operate a democratic government. Going by my political history, I am a Democrat right from childhood to where I am today.


“I believe only a Democrat can govern this Nigeria very well by running a democratic government. What I am saying by being a Democrat is that the party should be supreme than the president or governor. The party should be the empire to see whether political office holders operate within the guidelines of the party, Mr. Bafarawa has emphasized.

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