Anglican Bishop in Yola Commiserate with Muslims Ummah over Friday’s blast

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Tom Garba

unnamedThe Angelica Bishop of Yola, Bishop Ibrahim Marcus Anfani sympathises with the entire Muslim Ummah in the country, especially those from Adamawa state over the ugly bomb blast that claimed the lives of many worshipers  during a Friday Juma’at prayers in Jumbutu.

The Cleric condemned the acts on Strong terms regarding that its strange and barbaric, as he said that it not suppose to be heard  among Nigerians,  that Nigerians have a long aged cooperate existence regardless which religion they profess.


“Last Friday was a black day to me and any person in Adamawa state weather you are Christian or a Muslim, Boko Haram attacks is no longer having any religion interpretation since the attacks in recent times is to both Muslims and Christian places of worship, I indeed condemn the disgusted act unleashed to our fellow Muslims brother”.

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“I pray soon God will expose those working behind the scenes to be indoctrinating and using  Youths  that are initially harmless”. Anfani said

Anfani advocate for a workshop that will be showing leaders of the two practicing faith peaceful interrelating together in functions and in any special gathering organised by either Muslim organizations or Christian.

“The function will be aiming in educating people of the true tenants of the religions which will help people understand and appreciate others people’s faith.” He added

According to him by doing that kind of fellowship it will build and rekindle a lost confidence and trust in the minds of many indigenes of the state.

He added that leaders of the two religions can graciously support the fight against insurgency by preaching about peace and unity.

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