Alleged Fake Land Dealer Case: Samuel Kasuwa Denies Selling Lands To Two Complainants In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

A drama happened at Kasuwa Nama Senior Magistrate Court Area of Jos North Local Government Council in Plateau State when Hon Samuel Kasuwa revealed that sometimes in 2017 his company entered into a concrete agreement with the ministry of land and survey on behalf of one Mr. Michael Chukwak to sell a landed property located behind the land and survey headquarters.

Samuel Kasuwa narrated his ordeal on how, the ministry gave an in irrevocable power of attorney to sell his landed property located at UTC very close to the ministry for lands, survey and town planning Jos for about N130 million with a total of 53 pilots of lands after the MOU was sealed off.


According to him, they’ve agreed with the ministry for land and survey on the layout which would be done by the ministry survey staff because the land which is located around GRA, the ministry is processed all the documents are sell to the intending customers whom might indicate interest in buying the landed property close to the ministry headwaters in Jos.

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Mr. Samuel explained further his role in the selling of the land where he pointed out that the ministry for land and survey agreed to fixed 3.5 million for each pilot sold.


The agreement dated the 24th January 2018 with Ron properties Nigeria limited of Eluzia plaza opposite st Murumba college Jos and acting as power of attorney to the contract agreement was Hon Kevin Michael Chuhwak of 1D  Da Michael .C.Davou close. Gura Lo-Gokyo.Abattoir junction Jos, Plateau state ( hereinafter referred to as “, landowner ).


However, the piece of land measuring 28503.67 square meters of 53 plots with an application for right of occupancy number PL21664 in the name of Michael chuhwak Davou in which power of attorney was granted to Ron properties Nigeria limited and over 40 plots were sold to private buyers.


The agreement stated that the consideration for each allocation shall be paid into this landowner account in which the amount for the processing of titled shall be remitted to the account of the acquiring authority were the complainants paid 3.5 million later came back to complain that they’re no longer interested in buying the said land again.


Mr. Samuel Kasuwa has said Plateau State ministry of lands, survey & town planning was issued legal representation with the power of attorney to sell about 53 plots of lands belonging to one Mr. Michael Chuhwak Davou were the two complainants, Umar Suleiman and Hassan Yahaya Mohammed claimed to have paid 4 million into my account and later refused that they have revoked their contract without the said land sold to any interesting land buyer.


In the witness whereof the party of the first part and of the other part, have set their hands and seals on the day and year first above which include John Nyam business signature oath commissioner Mr. Pius Milat Kummiap on behalf ministry of lands, survey &town planning, civil servant, with the memorandum of understanding between Hon Kevin Michael Chuhwak first party and Ron properties Nigeria limited second party, dated 4th October 2015 respectively.


Samuel Kasuwa the accused explained that after self withdrawal the complainants couldn’t allow the land to be sold but chose to file a suit challenging blacklisting me in person (Samuel Kasuwa & my company, Ron property Nigeria limited for defrauding them as baseless allegations to frame me up.


We enter into an agreement with the land, survey, and town planning because the plots of lands were directly behind the ministry of lands survey headquarters on 24tg January 2018.


Kasuwa says, he mandated by directing the allocation plots of lands on the 12th October 2015 to the following who completed their contract tempt payment, Jos Excel limited 10 plots, Engr Isa Bala Idrissa 8 plots, Tajudeen Lalo Vary 3 plots, Mr. Levy Daboyi 3 plots Mr. Zachariah 4 plots without any problem.


Besides this landowner transaction, I have never had any land deals with any of the two complainants who dragged me before a  Senior Magistrate court, Kasuwa Nama in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State thereby remanding for four days for their inability to effect proper service on me.


Mr. Samuel Kasuwa said his company is well registered with CAC and has not involved in a dubious act capable of tarnishing my reputation neither my natives nor Bokkos LGA for a landed property they withdrew from it.

Mr. Samuel Kasuwa who vows to contest his arrest on the 6th October 2020, on contempt of court order says, he is waiting for the outcome lower court the bench warrant granted to the plaintiffs/ complainant alleged that I Mr. Samuel Kasuwa.


However, when the case came up 21-08-2020  for mention the defendant wasn’t present in court and was not represented by a client that put in an appearance.

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