Alleged Demolition: Why Umuoyo Youths Demolished Widow’s Family House(Photos)

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By Our Reporter

  • No, I can’t pull down my own house, but village youths-Onyemaechi


Sequel to the allegation levelled against me by one Mrs Dorathy Amugwanwa Opara,of Umuoyo Irete in Owerri West LGA of Imo State,who claimed to be a widow,in a newspaper publication (Newsprint Newspaper,on Wednesday,April 3rd 2019),with the headline:”Inhumanity:Imo Security Network officer vandalizes widow’s house; hands her over to the police”.

Mr.Onyemaechi Christian Opara has called on the general public to disregard such publication as he described it as baseless, untrue and falsehood allegation upon his person.

He said ” I am not a staff of Imo Security Network, but I am security personnel with the Imo Community Watch. I went to night duty on the eve of the demolition of my house by the said widow. I did not hire any gang, rather the people of Umuoyo village took their collective decision. I was not around as at the time of the demolition”.

“It is not true, I can never pull my own house down, because I contributed towards the completion of the building as a  family house but the youths of Umuoyo took action due to her (Dorathy’s) excesses”, Onyemaechi submitted.

Mr.Onyemaechi accused Mrs.Dorathy of maliciously destroyed his newly ongoing building of about 4 bedroom flat that has reached above lintel level.

“Her destruction of my ongoing building took place on Sunday, March 24th, 2019, at about 2:59am (Night) as I was told because I was not around  when her evil cohorts  commenced their malicious damage and when the people of Umuoyo village especially the youths witnessed her inhumanity, unlawful and wicked activities,they retaliated angrily by demolishing our family house,where Amugwanwa, her children and their tenants are forcefully occupying now”,Onyemaechi revealed.

“I am the third son amongst the four sons of our father, Late Gideon Uzoma Opara, of which Dorothy’s husband, Late Chukwuma Opara, was the second son of the family of Opara. I am the only one alive now as others (my brothers) are no more. May their souls rest in peace”, Onyemaechi weeps.

He revealed that the said demolished family house does not belong to her alone, but was jointly and collectively built by all his brothers ( all now late) as a family house in replace of their old shack house in our compound about four decades ago, which her husband was the pioneer but unfortunately, my late brother, Chukwuma and Dorothy forcefully claimed sole ownership of the house.

Mr.Opara Onyemaechi revealed that the said woman (Dorothy)sworn never to be alive to see him build his own house in his own little portion of the land in the Opara’s compound.

Onyemaechi reiterated that Dorothy first commenced illegal destruction of his uncompleted building before the youths launched an attack on our family house.

The said widow who vowed never to see my own success, in the past over two times, single-handed pull down my ongoing building, insisted that she will never be alive to see my house.

“She (Dorothy) is a trouble maker who never wants peace in our family. She is a living witch who believes in fetish but claimed to be a Christian. She vowed to kill everyone in our family but thank God her days are numbered”, he said.

“My late brother, Mr. Chukwuma died because of her evil activities, she is a killer, her wicked lifestyles have begun to expose her. During the ill-health of her late husband, she took him to an unknown destination until she came back and announced his death to us. She even threatened not to see any of our family during the burial ceremony of Late Chukwuma, who she buried inside the room of our family house.

She pulled down my uncompleted blockhouse. To God be the glory that the youths and the villagers rose took action for justice and against her wickedness”, Onyemaechi pointed out.



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