Alleged Certificate Forgery: Niger Republic Institute Clears Mamu

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e0b3b689-48ff-42ab-8120-f6c16665d822Lies may persist for long, but truth will eventually overtake it and endure for all time, so says an Hausa adage. This saying aptly illustrates the long-awaited outcome of the now infamous intrigues targeted at the DESERT HERALD publisher, Mallam Tukur Mamu .

Indeed, after the high-level conspiracy that led to the fraudulent procurement of a letter which supposedly indicted Mallam Tukur Mamu, over “forging” his Degree certificate from the Institut Superieur de Technologie et de Management ( ISTM ); a ploy by embattled former FCT minister, Bala Muhammad and his lackey, Ibrahim Bomoi; and following the subsequent release of the said letter by their agents at the Force CID in General Investigation Unit at Garki Area 10, Abuja to a group ‘Advocates Against Corruption’ (whom Mamu said were sponsored by Bala and Bomoi), he embarked on a nearly two-week journey to Niamey, Niger Republic where he had done his degree in Mass Communication to unravel the said conspiracy.

His findings as per the details of official letters below, are not only revealing but have exposed the official conspiracy against him and vindicated his innocence vis-a-vis the criminal fabrication.

The first letter in this page is his written request to the institution; the second which is in French language was their findings that exonerated him of forgery and an unreserved apology to him by the institution; while the third is the official translation of the second letter into English with the letterhead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Niger Republic and duly endorsed by the relevant officials.

See Documents Below:

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