All The Aspirants Induced Delegates With Money During The PDP Primaries In Plateau Says Group By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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A group under the PDP political re-awakening support has said that huge money was used to lower the delegates to. Vote for Sen. Gyang N. Pwajok during the just concluded PDP primaries.
Mr Jonathan Amande the coordinator of the group stated this during a press conference held at NUJ, Plateau state centre yesterday.
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He said,” on the issue of money, Bill Clinton in his book” My life” that if you are vying for an office, three things are needed: You must look like the office, you must be popular, and you must have money “. None of the sixteen aspirants would say he did not give the delegates money.
He called on all the other fifteen aspirants to join hands with our flag bearer, Sen. GNS Pwajok to strengthen PDP for the secondary election.
Amande commended the foresight and wisdom in the choice of a man of intellect, repute and pedigree, Architect Yilji Joseph Gomwalk as the running mate .
He called on the citizens of Plateau state to support the dream and aspirations of Pwajok who is ready to brace up the uniting of Plateau people.
The coordinator blames the aspirants that the exercise commences with all the 16 aspirants present and the voting proceeded peacefully with all their aspirants signing acceptance form.

According to him, the money offered the delegates was just for their transportation back to their respective Local government headquarters.

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