Al-Makura Politicizes Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War

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The attention of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has been drawn to a statement issued by Governor Tanko Al-Makura urging the Federal Government to include his opponent and our governorship candidate, His Excellency Labaran Maku (CON) in the ongoing probe into the reported $2.1 billion arms deal.

It is clear that for Governor Al-Makura and other APC chieftains, the anti-corruption war is a vehicle for political vendetta and the destruction of their perceived opponents in the polity.  This call by Al-Makura is a serious cause of concern by all citizens that the anti-corruption war of the present administration may be used as a tool of slander and blackmail against perceived enemies of the APC governors some of whom are actively lobbying for the persecution of  anyone that served under the Jonathan Administration.

Whereas the All Progressives Grand Alliance supports the anti-corruption war in principle, the call by Al-Makura on the Federal Government to probe his opponent raises a lot of doubt as to the sanctity of the anti-corruption war of this administration.

Why on earth will a sitting governor who lost an election and is being challenged for illegally occupying the seat of governor suddenly call on the President of his ruling party to probe his opponent?

Whereas the President may have good intention in his effort to fight corruption, it is now clear that known thieves and treasury looters like Al-Makura are hiding behind the ruling party to point accusing fingers at people who happened to be their political opponents in their various states.

If we may ask is the anti-corruption war now an opportunity to bring down the opposition rather than a patriotic and non-partisan effort to bring sanity to the system where required?

No wonder many citizens are beginning to doubt the non-partisanship of the anti-corruption war as established rouges begin to play the saints because they belong to the ruling party and therefore consider themselves untouchable. This can be the only reason why a man like Al-Makura who openly re-wrote an election result and announced himself governor contrary to the wishes of the people of Nasarawa State and who is known to have looted the state through inflated contracts and the pillage of the Nasarawa State treasury to the tune of over five billion Naira through Security Vote can now shamelessly call on the President to probe his opponent in the last election.

This call by Al-Makura raises the question should Security Vote be probed only at the national level.  Is it not time therefore for the anti-corruption agencies to look into how every governor spent his Security Vote since 1999.

In Nasarawa State we are aware that Al-Makura was removing One Hundred Million Naira monthly in a state that has known neither peace nor security since he became governor in 2011.

This is why the people of Nasarawa State rejected him in 8 out of the 13 local governments and turned out to overwhelmingly vote for Maku to take over the leadership of the state. Presently public anger against his illegitimate government has risen to such high that he is stoned wherever he goes in Nasarawa State. Even funerals are no longer safe for Al-Makura to attend as recently witnessed in Keffi when the people trooped out to stone him at the funeral of the Emir of Keffi, Alhaji Shehu Yamusa The Second.

Three weeks early, his helicopter was nearly pulled by a hail of stones when the people turned out to reject his visit to Awe Local Government. Today in Nasarawa State, Al-Makura resorted to travelling by helicopter and goes even to the Mosque with a platoon of troops to protect him from the people because they didn’t elect him on April 11.

APGA is presently at the Supreme Court challenging the blatantly partisan judgements at the Tribunal and the Court of Appeal in favour of Governor Al-Makura whose own witnesses had turned against him at the Lower Tribunal that he did not win the election while INEC witnesses refused to testify because the election results announced did not come from the field.

Al-Makura’s anger and frustration is that Maku has refused to give up on APGA’s stolen mandate and has of recent become the only voice challenging Al-Makura’s illegalities, mismanagement and high level corruption particularly the attempt by Al-Makura to loot the state through an inflated and ill-motivated airport project in which he intends to sink 17 billion Naira of the state’s meager resources.

Not only is the so-called airport highly unviable, it is reportedly highly inflated and an avenue for Al-Makura to loot billions from the state treasury before he exits.

Given that Makurdi Airport is laying fallow because of lack of passengers, it is unthinkable that Al-Makura will sink Nasarawa State resources into such an unviable project to be located in his own village of Kwandarre.  This is going on at a time when all the public primary schools in the state have become comatose because of lack of salaries; where even the state civil servants have not been paid for months; and where all local governments have virtually stopped functioning because there are no salaries. There is no developed road infrastructure in Nasarawa State, most parts of the state have no access to potable water and electricity and hospitals are now consulting clinics for lack of essential equipment and regular payment of personnel. I don’t want to mention the fact that 95% of schools leavers in the state are unemployed while agriculture, the mainstay of the state’s economy has virtually been abandoned.

Under the foregoing circumstances of absence of infrastructure and widespread unemployment, poverty and hunger, why will a state governor in his senses sink 17 billion Naira in an unviable project other than the motivation to loot the treasury?

It is in the light of this circumstance that Maku called on the Federal Government not to give license for this unviable airport project in Al-Makura’s village and on banks not to lend any money to Al-Makura because the people of Nasarawa State will not pay such loans when Al-Makura leaves power by God’s grace.

No amount of blackmail by Governor Al-Makura will stop the APGA and his governorship candidate HE Labaran Maku (CON) from challenging the anti-people policies, high level corruption and mismanagement of Nasarawa State resources by Governor Al-Makura who had earlier through his Social Media agents sold a dummy that N37 billion had allegedly been found on Maku’s farm. It was all arranged to blackmail Maku for challenging Governor Al-Makura over the robbery of the mandate given to APGA at the polls in 2011.

If not because of the Immunity Clause in the constitution, Al-Makura will never be walking the streets of Nigeria now.

We therefore call on the public to disregard Al-Makura’s tantrums against Maku and also urge the Federal Government to call to order persons of questionable integrity who hide behind the membership of APC to blackmail and persecute their opponents by exploiting the ongoing anti-corruption war.


APGA Secretary Nasarawa State









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