Adamawa PDP Primaries: Ambassador Tim Ihemadu Announced Results Amidst Tension By Tom Garba, Yola

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The PDP primaries that ought to have taken place on Saturday was delayed due sharp disagreement of the two delegates list that many of the aspirants believe to be a sponsored one from Abuja against the delegate list conducted and certified their authenticity by Joel Madaki led administration, who the NCW of the party recently announced to have placed him on suspension. 
 Election finally took place on Sunday morning through evening, team of our reporters who monitored the conduct of the primaries discovered a relatively peace in all the elections centers during the electios.
Due to what some of the party loyalist consider a plan work to announce the results to the interest of people living in Abuja at the detriment of the good wishes of the electorates, a  confusion erupted today (Monday) at the Presidential Lodge, Adamawa State
Government House Yola, during a Press Conference convened by the Electoral Committee sent to Adamawa State by the National Working Committee of the People’s Democratic Party to supervise the conduct of the state House of Assembly Primaries.
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Rising of eyes brows started at the early hour of 6ocloak where many of the aspirant were not given any duplicates results or any prove of them have won the primaries, their loyalist began to talk in an unfriendly way to some of the official “that it has never done this, they produce a copy of their proves of winning the elections”. The trouble spurred more when the Chairman of the Electoral Committee
Ambassador Tim Ihemadu while addressing the member of the press announced that his mission has been achieved by having a successively state house of assembly primaries in the state
“I have concluded the assignment which brought me to Adamawa state, I have made available duplicate copies of the result sheets to the party executives every other thing will be done in Abuja”Ihemadu said
Responding in strong disagreement the suspended chairman of the party Chief Joel Madaki and  secretary of the party Barr A T Shehu who were at the venue of the press briefing insisted that the Chairman of the electoral committee must announce the names of all those won the elections in various constituencies.
The disagreement between the Chairman of the electoral Committee and Madaki ignite the entire atmosphere as other party supporters joined in their insistence that the result must be announced.
But while reacting to the demands of Madaki and the party executives, Iheamadu said the announcement of the names of winners was outside the constitutional mandate of his committee adding that he is working is consonance with the guidelines of the conduct of the election.
“I have the guideline and I am working in consonance with the guidelines that was given to me to conduct this election.
“I have done my work, and if you believe my work is not properly done, you have the appropriate quarters to channel your complaints to.
“The electoral guidelines for the purpose of the House of Assembly Primaries states clearly that at the various constituencies where these various nominations are conducted, the returning officer in charge of the Primaries should announce the results publicly before those who attended the election and it is declared there and then,” he said.
But when the pressure became too much for the chairman, he tactically rescinded and gave one of the members of the Committee Barr Sani Aliyu the list which he announced.
Earlier in his preamble speech, the Chairman electoral Committee has hinted that he went through though times in the process of the conduct of the primaries and at a point have to succumb to the wishes of the party executives.
“The atmosphere was so charged, and because we are Nigerians, and we know what is happening, in Adamawa State, I and members of my team decided that it is not going to be proper that we add to the crisis in Adamawa State.
“We decided in our wisdom rather than to do the needful and in consideration of the need to have peace, we continue with the process,” Ihemadu said.
“We encountered challenges that delayed the process at a point. But thank God for the prompt response of the Nigeria Police Force, the State Security Service and the consequent address which I made before the Press to dispel some rumors which brought the situation under control,” he said.
He said before the commencement of the exercise, they were given a Court order by the state party executive which ordered them to recognize the earlier list of delegates submitted adding that “In our desire to respect the  National Headquarters of the party, we communicated the development to them,”
In a related development the removed party chairman who is the vanguard and advocate of “fair play to all aspirants in the party” in an interview responded that PDP is a strong party which has her foundation in true principles of democracy.
According to Madaki if the results were not announced the whole exercise would have been a mere play which will create a very big suspicious.

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