30 Ethiopian Christians Beheaded, Shot ‘Execution-Style’ By ISIS In Libya

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More than a month after 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were killed in Libya, ISIS has released a new video showing the killing of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya.
The video appeared to show the beheading by the ISIS terrorists of 14 men on the beach. The 16 other men were shot ‘execution-style’ in the head.
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Identified as “Followers of the Cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church,” the men are forced to kneel before being killed by the ISIS members who are dressed in military-style camouflage uniforms.
Ethiopia’s government, following the release of the video, has said it is investigating the matter.
In February, Egypt launched air-strikes in Libya after 21 Coptic Christians were killed by ISIS.
The 21 Copts were migrant workers, mainly from the Egyptian city of Minya, that had been kidnapped in 2014.
ISIS had said the aim of the killing was to send “a message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.”
In response, hours before air-strikes commenced, Egypt’s President Sisi said “Egypt reserves the right to respond in the method and timing it deems suitable for retribution from these killers.”
Since February, Egypt, Libya and Italy have rallied for international intervention in Libya to tackle the rise of ISIS and militancy.


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