2014 CONFAB: Yoruba Delegates Dissociate Themselves From Consensus Report On Derivation Impasse

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Yoruba delegation at 2014 CONFAB has dissociated itself from the report of Consensus Group on resolving the impasse on derivation issue.
The report, which was presented by Professor Ibrahim Gambari on behalf of the group, in addition to proposing 18 percent derivation to the oil bearing states, also proposed 5 percent first line charge for the development of minneral resources and anotber 5 percent National Invention Fund in Boko Haram devastated areas in the North East. As well as other areas affected in North Central and North West.

The Yoruba delegates, arising from the caucus meeting, rejected the report stating that the report gave a wrong impression of what the intervion fund was set to achieve. The fund is aimed to serve the collective interest of the country and not a sectional interest as presented by Pro. Gambari.
South West delegates are, however, view Gambari’s projection amount to depletion of the federation account through nebulous funds to promote insurgency in the country. It also aimed at legalising the impoverishment of non-oil bearing states in South-West, South-East and South-South. As these states, neither benefit from derivation nor the so-called intervention fund.
Dr. Kunle Olajide
South-West Delegation
2014 National Conference,

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