12,600 To Receive Entrepreneurship Educational Training-Sunday Bala Oma Foundation Reveals

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Yakubu Busari

About 12,600 has been targeted for entrepreneurs education training with 26 students from  selected secondary schools in Plateau state currently undergoing training while few have received entrepreneurship education training with the collaboration of foreign donors.

Sunday Bala Oma disclosed this during the 7th annual seminar for students held at Bishop Court in Jos North Local Government Council on Saturday.

A non-Governmental organization under the auspices  of Sunday Bala Oma Foundation also  advocated for public private partnership law to create terminal parks in all the strategic entering point to  trucks drivers .

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Oma stated that with this development it would help reduce motor traffic jam and accident and roads maintenance in Plateau state capital.

He reiterated that this law on ground government can address challenges traffic halt up which had continued to destroy our major roads.

The founder of Sunday Bala Oma assured the upcoming generation of students that Nigeria will be great again by our individual contributions toward rebuilding the country.

He said Nigeria the giant of Africa has suffered years of woeful leadership which the foundation commenced the progress of training and retraining of schools students on entrepreneurship education to arrest youth restiveness.

According to him, every individual was inspired with the mandate also under obligation to leave indelible foot print on the sand of time before his or her time elapse.

He cautioned the students to see themselves as great leaders who will want to leave behind a landmark but should record their achievement under the intense pressure and challenges.

Oma emphasized that the teaching of the Bible reveals so many stages of live were Joseph was sold by his own brothers but his dreamnt of greatness never left him because he was focus and resilient to achieve success.

He noted that God always proffer solution to our problems instance of us to remain ,criticize other the divine intervention is when you don’t have ideas of helping a particular group of persons in the society which is the material and unavoidable through challenges.

Bala Oma advised the students never to stop dreaming even when they are born from the rich or poor parents by encouraging inspiration that will come either from the Bible of those we read about them.

He pointed out the numbers of those he has targeted to empower on basic skills acquisition program of 12,600 and 1,280 have already benefited.

Oma lamented that 90% opportunities have been wasted on insulting government and very few that understand that the current recession is to shape the human existence which he gave the qualities of change agents which include, They have dream user,They have mission ,They have a daily spirit ,(adventure), They are a never quitting attitude, They are full of inspiration and They are never satisfied with status-quo .

The awards for Essay competition writing 10th position ,Miss Luret Posat ,9th Grace Toma,8th Adame Queen ,7th Yusuf Thomas Kushi 6th Okafor Oluchi 5th Achusim Chibuke 4th Nash Abraham while the reaming top positions were reserve .

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