Group Condemns Igbo Threat As Barbaric And Childish In Democracy

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Yakubu Busari

Worried by the quit notice issued by the Arewa Youths Forum to all Igbo speaking people living in the northern parts of Nigeria to leave the region, as it has continued to attract different reactions Nationwide, a group known as Advocacy Network{ Siyasa Akida} has condemned the move in a strong term.

According to the National Coordinator of Advocacy Network propagating Lamido 2019, Alh Aliyu Tukur Gansta such call is capable of brewing anarchy and confusion in the land strengthened by diversity.

The group explained that such notice is against the spirit of love, unity and brotherhood which the nation’s founding father stood for since independence.

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They describe threat and hate speeches contained in the notice by the 13 youth groups in the north under the aegis of the Arewa Youths Forum was childish and unreasonable

Advocacy network added that the Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas as well as any other ethnic group living in any part of the country were part and parcel of the nation as citizens and shouldn’t be discriminated for whatever reason.

On the ongoing leadership tussle in the Peoples Democratic party { ‎PDP},  the network cautioned Ali Sheriff faction to desist from spreading falsehoods regarding the crisis in the park.

Advocacy Network therefore advised the faction to stop what they described as big lies on the court decision which has never been formulated by any court.



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