Zamfara Central: The Head, The Cap Fits

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Murtala Maikano

To many politicians and ordinary citizens are unaware that, the history of Nigeria’s political chronicles can’t be completed without Alh. Dr. Malami Aliyu Yandoto, a politician, lawyer and administrator.


Malami Yandoto was the pioneer chairman of Zamfara state independent electoral commission and the first chairman of the committee that put together a compendium for electoral laws which comprehensively and concisely mapped out the cleared and brighter road for electoral matters in Nigeria.


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Yandoto has also joined Commonwealth observer group to observe elections in crisis ridden countries, like Rwanda in 2001, South Africa in 1999 and United States presidential election in 2000 and 2004.


The former Commissioner of agriculture, Dr. Malami Aliyu Yandoto, who has also played pivotal roles towards fixing and making Zamfara state to where it’s now as a state where farming activities remained their top business in the state. The tenure of Yandoto as a commissioner of agriculture remained unforgettable and blessed to the state, especially for farmers as he revolutionized the agricultural sector in the state in which Zamfara Comprehensive Agricultural and Revolution Programme (ZACAREP) turned millions of peasant farmers to be millionaires.


Yandoto, as somebody whose versatile erudition always serves as a road map to both local and international community in terms of human capacity building. In view of this, his efforts always remained the open mirror that attracts the attention of many as it did to the current administration of Dr. Muhammad Bello Matawalle who decided to appoint Dr. Malami Yandoto as the Chairman Local government Service Commission in order to assist in revitalizing the commission being the agency as a big component of civil service which comprises most of the civil servants in the state.


The robust achievements recorded by Alh. Dr. Malami Aliyu Yandoto, was to ensure the operations of local government service commission is fully computerised, maintaining the effective interpersonal relationship among the public and political office holders in local government administration. He is also committed towards working closely with the state governor to ensure full implementation of new minimum wage for local government employees and giving the civil servants a green light to further their education for a better service in local government and the state in general.


Yandoto as a strong member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who played significant roles in sustaining the party during the then ruling All Progressive Congress is seen as one of the pillars supported the party throughout its ups and downs  in Zamfara state.


In 2015 governorship election, Yandoto was a running mate of Alh. Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, who later dumped the party and joined the then ruling party, APC.


Despite the defection of his boss to APC, Malami Yandoto remained strong and bold and even committed to serving diligently in order to save his political party from being a used and dumped party in Zamfara state.


In the political field of Zamfara from 1999 to date, Malami Aliyu Yandoto has been of the Maradona, whose roots deeply fixed, whose wings widely spread and remain strong to withstand any impending political challenges.


His political ideology served as material used by many politicians in the state to actualise their political dreams.


No doubt, if the erudite leader is given a chance to be a member of the red chamber, Zamfara central youths would celebrate the massive employment and the real fight of poverty among the teaming youth and women in the zone.


Not only in his constituency, but the state in general. One can justify the above Statement by observing the teaming youths and women always trooping into the residence of the philanthropist seeking to quench their thirsts.


To many, Zamfara Central, can only appreciates the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, when the rights and choice of the people in the zone is considered as the primary objectives of democracy.


Therefore, it’s now a heavy task ahead of the ruling party in 2023 to ensure a right and competent candidate, who can understand the real needs of his constituents.

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