You Yourself Caused Crisis In The PDP With Your Frauds And Deceit, Stop Blaming APC, Plateau APC Chieftain Replies PDP

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Yakubu Busari

The secretary of the All Progressive Congress, APC  ,Barr Bashir Musan-Sati has said that the crises rocking the People Democratic Party  PDP starting from the national, states, LGAs and wards level could  best be associated with the faulty foundation of imposition of candidates.

Speaking while giving his  Sallah message at the residence, Bashir described as unfortunate where there is so much division in the party.

He said; let me make very clear that APC is not responsible for the crisis in PDP, a situation where there is fraud and deceit, because they feel that sitting at home to direct and sub change other is the right thing, not knowing that one day you are going to regret your action.

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According to him, this is democracy you allow the people to make their choice, but a situation where someone sits at home to take decision of who become this and that by remote controlling the direction is no longer democracy.

He disclosed further, if you think your wise or you have money bags ready to sponsor political crisis, is quite unfortunate, we try to leave clean legacy.

Musan-Sati frowned at where Useni and Beni Lar camp are having problems, he said; “I think it’s the same family and is better for them to have a rethink and reunite themselves, we don’t have a cause to go and sponsor any crisis.

However, he explained that right from the onset PDP crisis started from the national down to the states but if they continue it would escalate to affect the innocent people.

He challenged is that the PDP should come together for a  better understanding and rebuild the party to give the  APC a better opposition rather than continue living in frauds and deceit with situations where primaries, congresses are done in an illegal ways .

We should respect the tenet of democracy, not where list are hand written at home by some people in the comfort of their homes and  are there directing political activities and elections, which he said that is not how politics is played.

Barr Bashir also added that the Ramadan period started with numerous challenges because of the COVID-19, “we went into it but we were able to surmount it by coming out successfully, we have pray extensively to God.


“We face challenges because people were lockdown and people can’t go out at this period is completely devoted for prayers, we are praying even though the Nigeria economic is in  shambles,  we believe that there will improvement, ‘he noted.

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