You Can Quit, Nigerian Army Tells Aggrieved Soldiers

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The Nigerian Army has warned those involved in what it described as campaign of calumny on social media platforms to desist or face the wrath of the law.

According to a statement by Army spokesperson, Brig Gen Sani Usman, the faceless persons have been making spurious and unfounded allegations bordering on payment of troops operations allowances, rotation in the North East and comparing troops’ pay to what obtains in neighbouring countries.

He warned that “Any soldier who is not satisfied with the professional drive of the Nigerian Army and that of the government can do himself a world of good by voluntarily discharging from the Nigerian Army.

“Otherwise all must desist from rumour mongering and outright falsehood  which are unprofessional and have  no place in today’s Nigerian Army.

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Usman said further,  “The fabricators are most probably being sponsored by the categories of people that frustrated themselves out of the  Army and political self-defeatists.

“They are clearly sentimental and  lack knowledge of the Nigerian Army of today.”

The Army High Command said investigation is ongoing to determine the full identity and source of the mischief, warning that all those found connected with it will be dealt with in accordance with the extant provisions of the military justice system.

Usman stated further, “We wish to reiterate that the Nigerian Army is a voluntary Service.

“We are not running a conscript Army, all those not satisfied are at liberty to apply for voluntary retirement or discharge as the case may be.

“We cannot afford to have disloyal or disgruntled elements in the system.

“Anybody caught to be involved in this ignominious campaign  would have himself or herself to blame.

“The Nigerian Army of today cannot be compared with that of any other period. So much has been done in the areas of operations, training, general administration, logistics and general welfare of troops and their families.

“The families of our fallen colleagues are being given adequate attention commensurate with the established terms and conditions of service.

“Additionally, the concern on troops welfare has been extended to their families through the creation of the Barracks Investment Initiative Programme (BIIP) in which officers and soldiers families and dependents actively participate.

“The Nigerian Army has an elaborate exit plan for all officers and soldiers involved in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the North East this year, subject to operational exigencies.

“That is why all efforts must be geared towards mopping up the remnants of the desperate terrorists still bent on causing mayhem wherever they can.

“Fifth columnists will not succeed in their mischief as they will be fished out and dealt with.”

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