You Are Talking From An Inferiority Complex, Not Ready For Reconciliation, Senator Wakili Tells Governor Abubakar

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Senator Ali Wakili representing Bauchi south at the National Assembly has said that the actions and utterances does not reflect his claims of readiness for reconciliation.

He stated this while briefing journalists at his residence in Bauchi weekend.

He said that he was disappointed with the way Governor Abubakar is handling the issue of the reconciliation by not honouring his words adding that the Governor recently sent emissaries to them saying that he was ready to reconcile with them but he derided them in front of people from their constituencies.

“He sent three prominent Emirs from the state to wade into the issue and ensure that all the differences is being mended. The following day he gathered people from Bogoro, Dass and Tafawa federal constituency, our main base and denounced Speaker House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara, denounced Senator Wakili, denounced Honorable Aminu Tukur and Honorable Maryam Bagel members of the Bauchi State House of Assembly. You don’t do reconciliation like that, “he said.

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Senator Wakili also accused the governor of allowing his aides to use provocative words against them.

“One of them spoke about the farm belonging to one us in Nasarawa state while addressing me an ex-corrupt Custom officer. He incited the people at Mararaba against Honorable Maryam Bagel, that if she passes this way would they allow her to go free. If you have chosen to send some people to us for reconciliation then you should restraint your utterances, “he added.

He also faulted the governor’s stance that he is ready to reconcile with them only on condition that, they should accept that he is their leader in the state.

He said that none of them ever disputed the fact that he is the state‎ governor and the chief executive of the state adding that the governor should also respect their status and accept that they have made promises to the people which they have to fulfill.

“I think he is talking from an inferiority complex. No one among us doubted him as the Governor. No one has said that he is not the Governor but what we are saying we have difference in the position of our people which is quite different from personality.

Personality would come and go but the office remains and sometimes personality determine the office. By the time you carry the office with decorum everybody is going to respect you but when you think that I have to say so, so so and so it means you have a complex that you yourself think you are not fit to be there, “he added.

He said that he expected someone like Bauchi state Governor who is a lawyer and worked in the House of Assembly before should be able to demarcate between the work of legislature and the executive and stop challenging them to show what they are doing as members of the National Assembly.

‎Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar has been at loggerheads with some lawmakers from Bauchi state including the Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara over some issues.

The crisis however intensified after the emergence of Yakubu Dogara and Bukola Saraki as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate President respectively.

The governor was said to have been opposed to the emergence of the duo as he supported the APC candidates for the positions.

He was also alleged to have directed members of the National Assembly from the state not to support Dogara and Saraki in their race for the positions of the Speaker and the Senate President.‎


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