You Are Day Dreamer Who Is In State of Somnambulism (Sleepwalker), You Can’t Test Power In Plateau, Lalong’s Aide Tells George Daika

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Yakubu Busari

A Rejoinder to the Interview of Hon George Daika in the Daily Sun Newspaper of Friday 5th January 2018.


In statement signed by Samuel Emmanuel Nanle (Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Executive Governor of Plateau State made available to our correspondent in Jos.

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It is unfortunate that our political space has provided space for mediocrity hence the increasing number of day dreamers dominating public space with interviews that seems to present them as having something to offer in leadership, when history holds the place of their incompetence in the opportunity they had to provide qualitative representation for their constituents in elective office.

It is sad that a George Daika who was replaced with a Gov Lalong as speaker after being in office for about a year in the 5th Assembly in the year 2000 can imagine being a match for someone who served seven years in that same office. No right thinking voter can ever take him serious as he day dreams on his gubernatorial project.

A serious opposition party like the PDP which is struggling to find its rythm would never contemplate someone who could not hold leadership for more than one year as someone to whom the serious business of Governance for four years can be placed in his hands.

In the interview under reference, Hon George Daika was quoted as saying Governor Lalong has failed. He made this vague conclusion without alluding to any issue of governance. This to any right thinking person would pass for a statement from someone who is incapable of comprehending the basic parameters for assessing good governance.

The sad part of this unfortunate  statement  to Governor Lalong is that several public fora of Government besides the numerous nocturnal visits of this same character always comes with praises for this same person whom has chosen to vilify him in public domain. We would rather not mention the reasons for these nocturnal visits but we can assure the discerning heart on the plateau and beyond that it has nothing to do with giving advice for good governance, otherwise he would have been quick enough to say so.

In any case the democratic space is open for everybody including even those who are day dreaming and sleep walking their dreams to offer themselves for leadership. Those who share in their day dreams in the PDP might be willing to join the charade but for those who know better they will stand with the Rescue Administration of Gov Lalong in consolidating on the mandate that will sustain the completion of all ongoing projects, the revitalization of moribund industries, the stabilization of education at all levels while also addressing all that pertains to the security and socio-economic well-being of the citizens of Plateau. While Gov. Lalong continues with this work for the good of Plateau. Hon George Daika can continue with his somnambulism.

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