Wubel Community In Plateau State Gets First Ever Medical Centre

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Yakubu Busari

The community which is  one of the numerous communities in plateau state that are still living in abject poverty, dejection, due to lack of government attention has been provided with an 8 bed medical centre and a bore hole by “Le pan initiative”.

The Chakfem villages nestled within a very rugged area, yet beautiful and fertile terrain of hills, mountains gulleys,  surrounding streams close to Kyeran in Mangun, where the poplar Swan water is produced, yet the communities lack virtually all necessary social amenities of life, like schools, portable drinking water, motorable road and medical and health care service.

The worst of it that, it  has discovered that the communities have long been living without any health facilities in the area and in the area of education too, the so called government primary schools are nothing but broken and run down dilapidated buildings without facilities necessary for learning.

Disturbed by this one of their own, who has just retired from service as a Medical Doctor, Dr. Daniel Mwanmut and his wife, Mrs ABIOLA Mwanmut have thought it wise and have  taken bold steps to intervene in one, but a most crucial aspect of life, by establishing a “Le pan medical centre” at Wubel.

Commissioning the health centre on Saturday 19th March 2016 by the one time governor of the state, and senator representing Plateau central in the national assembly chief Joshua Chibi Dariye equally promised that he was going to take up the access road construction before the rainy season sets in.

It was, however a moment of joy for benefiting communities  during the commissioning as there were tears of joy from the sons and daughters of Mwagavul and Chakfem people.

Senator Joshua Dariye had during the commissioning of the project appeal to the communities to guide and protect the project jealously.

Earlier, the chief Executive officer of the Le pan health and willness initiative, Dr. Daniel Mwanmut that the ‘Le pan initiative, which means ‘Hope’ in ckakfem dialect is to bring hope to these neglected rural communities through accessible, affordable, sustainable and evidence based health care.

He said their desire in this intervention is to see that never again will a chakfem son or daughter, man or old watch his loved one die for lack of immediate medical care.

He said ” idea for Le pan health and wellness initiative had been incubating for many years shape by the pains and tears of of our people who have been neglected by successive government. The heavy disease burden leading to pain, suffering and death among the Chakfem are some of the reasons that have led to the birth of the Le pan initiative and the Le pan medical centre.

“There is virtually no form of government presence in chakfem. There are no health facilities and the so called government primary schools are nothing but broken and run down dilapidated buildings with neither the teachers nor the facilities necessary for learning”.

He said the Le pan medical center,  which also has on board Dr. Pokop Bapwatda and Dr. Nantok Dami as trustees, has been equipped with 4-bed clinic for the community  and has evolved into an 8 bed medical centre and is still growing.

Many speakers who spoke at the occasion appeal to the government to take the plight of her citizens very serious by spreading social amenities to the rural populace.

The impact of the local administration of Mangu was not felt at the event as the transition committee chairman and his members conspicuously boycotted the ceremony.

The Ministry of health through the Coordinator HIV/AIDS Maria Pawa who commended the Chief executive of Le Pan initiative for constructing Le pan medical centre, promising that the ministry’s partner and support them live up to desired goals,

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