Why Nyako/Ngilari Administration Should Be Impeached -Ardo

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Following the serving impeachment notice, to Governor Murtala Nyako and his Deputy, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and former guber aspirant in the 2011 PDP primaries, Dr. Umar Ardo has given his support to the Adamawa State House of Assembly, to impeach the governor and his deputy, without relapse on their own part.
In a press statement issued to newsmen, Dr. Ardo said, Nyako/Ngilari administration needs to be removed as it destroyed Adamawa State for over 7 years of its being in power.

The statement reads thus; “The Nyako/Ngilari administration deserves to be removed because it destroyed Adamawa state. For the over 7 years of its being in power,  it brought the state to its knees – economically, politically, infrastructurally and security wise. It has exacerbated social and political tensions in the state through its deliberate policies of creating ethnic and religious distrusts and conflicts amongst the different groups in the state. The regime also has entrenched the culture of impunity, unconstitutionality, lawlessness, corruption, nepotism, favouritism, discrimination, and self-service in governance. It is killing patriotism and sense of community in our our society. No people of good standing should tolerate such a leadership for a day, if they can help it.”
Speaking further he said; “I support their impeachment because they ought not even to have been in their offices as far back as July 2008 when the first impeachment notice was served the governor. In fact, the main reason why I objected the party’s directives that all PDP governors be returned unopposed in 2011, including Nyako, in return for their support for the President was because of my conviction that as far as Adamawa state was concerned this was a wrong decision.”
“I argued then that the party should treat candidates on their individual merits and states on their peculiarities; that Nyako was no good to the party and will turn out to be a liability both to the state and the party. I made these points in several party fora including one before the party stakeholders where the President, the Vice President, the party National Chairman, NWC Members, Nyako himself, etc., were all present. But the powers that be then brushed my arguments aside and went ahead and threw their support behind the Nyako/Ngilari ticket. Thank God today I am thoroughly vindicated.
Consequently, the present move of removing the Governor and his deputy is the surest and cleanest way to resolve the political problem in the state. Besides, they were never even lawfully nominated by the party. Once they are removed now, the Speaker takes over as Acting Governor and elections be conducted within 3 months. That would put Adamawa on a clean slate; perhaps we maybe able to rise again.
I therefore call on the Hon. Members to conclude the process methodically and not relapse again and disappoint our people as the Hon. James Barka-led House did in 2008. I also call on all patriotic Adamawa people to support this effort. This exercise has no religious or ethnic coloration; it is for the sake of the future of all Adamawa indegines and that of our children.  Our people should not let anybody tell them otherwise,” he said.

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