Why Is Sen. Victor Lar Quiet, Who Silenced Victor Lar By Yakubu Busari, Jos

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Speculations are-riff that one of the most revered and respected PDP gubernatorial aspirant before the primaries in Plateau has suddenly become mute after the primaries in which he surprisingly pulled only 109 out of the 9000 delegates.
Is it that he was ashamed of the outcome of the primaries? Is it that he has been settled? Is it that there are traces of financial watchdog that will be unleashed after him?
The situation left many people guessing with several unanswered questions why the stakeholders pretend to be fighting Governor while some go behind to receive his fat envelopes.
Political analysts in Plateau state are bewildered at the sudden sit-down look of Sen.Victor Lar.
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According to a political analyst in the state, he posited that said most of those being imagined to be the Iroko trees of Plateau politics are not even up to a mango tree found in Langtang village the home town of Chief Solomon Daushep Lar
Some political analyst in the state believes that, Sen.Victor Lar’s travails began long ago when the group ganged up a move to the party national secretariat, as he Lar was allegedly said to have ignored his constituent, immediate family and the state at large.
It was gathered he seldom appeared at any state PDP matter because he imagined himself to be more sagacious than the other purported Plateau villagers, however, his political ignorance was exposed during and after the wards congress which elected party delegates for the primaries.
The forms for the delegates were never sighted by the state chapter of the party and he kept quiet about it, and he never had an agent to monitor the movement of the delegates’ forms from Abuja to Plateau.
Lar never protested, he was not loud enough to be heard about the error and the outcome of the wards congress which were said to have been selected.
He posed a failed confidence which was much more like building a castle in the air; he thought people will follow him blindly until he got the shock of his life when he pulled only 109 votes from the delegates he had ignored all along.
But the question still remain, why is Victor Lar silent, has he exhausted all the weapons in his political arsenal?
Should Plateau people expect anything from the defeated Victor Lar, what will be his way forward from here only time will tell?

“Our own for now, na just to do sit-down looks like Victor Lar.”

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