Why I Resigned As Governor Abubakar’s Senior Special Assistant On Scheduling-Tahir Ibrahim

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It is sad that after two years and more, the government has little or nothing to show for it. The administration has been rudderless and just seems to take on issues as they come without any clear blueprint, plan or manifesto with well laid out time line to deliver campaign promises to pursue the change mantra as publicized before coming into power. Youths were the focal point of our campaigns and were the backbone of our victory but painfully, they are still left to languish on the streets and still being used as campaign tools or added decoration to the Governor’s convoys. The Government is not pushing any agenda for bringing succor to the poor people of Bauchi State but only interested in enriching itself, it’s families and a few close friends.

People that did not work for the success of the Government took over in one night and sent off all those that suffered and worked hard for the success of the party. All those that were responsible for the government’s success have been totally taken out from the scheme of things and have become helpless observers. Only family members and friends of the Governor call all the shots and control the activities of government and that is why the government is busy patronizing and romancing people that fought against its success. Even the Chief of Staff was a contestant under the PDP during the 2015 polls and so has no idea who did what and who was what in bringing the government into power. Other appointees follow the same suite and came on board to humiliate and drive away all those that mattered. The Government grows more and more unpopular with people and most of the people are fed up with the lies and the acrimony of a government whose watch word is nepotism.

As for me, I definitely fall in the category of those that have been used, misused and dumped. We are now a liability to the government. Gone are the days when they needed people like us to gain acceptance and popularity. I was the number one ‘appointee’ of the Governor during the campaigns through to the first few months in office before the appointment of other key appointees. I toiled for M A Abubakar Esq day and night without even a glitch. I ran his ‘office’ for him sincerely and passionately. I took him as a father. Little did I know I was just a political servant who was to serve a purpose and be done away with? Access to him was truncated, access to His office became a pilgrimage, and access to His residence became a mirage. I was dropped from his domestic and overseas itinerary by neatly worked out conspiracies of the Governor’s Chief Security Officer. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was hurt and I cried. Was this for real? I was patient for a long time and I prayed the government will find its way and things will change. But eventually I was frustrated out of office and technically schemed out. I had no official role to play as between the Chief of Staff and the Chief Security Officer who is also the Governor’s relative, my duties were taken away. I was just a stooge who was appearing around the Governor and looking like I was with the Governor. Meanwhile we were miles apart.

I have worked for change and change has come. I am proud of the role I played in bringing this government into power and I will continue to pray that what I worked for will come to serve its promises and deliver to its people. As for me, I have resigned from my post as the Senior Special Assistant on Scheduling. It is better to die standing than to live kneeling down. As a youth, I believe I have a lot to offer yet to my state and to my country Nigeria.

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