Why I I’ll Embark On Peaceful Resolution, Barr. Sunny-Gabriel Odey Aspirant For PDP National  Legal  Adviser

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Yakubu Busari

A Jos based renowned legal luminary, Chief Barr Sunny Gabriel Odey has unveiled his blueprint on how to focus and rebrand PDP legal department will be under him if given the opportunity.

In his press statement made available to this medium, Barr Odey vows to bring his legal experience of years to build on the founding fathers of the party.

He explained; “My quest for national office in the Peoples Democratic Party of which I’m a foundation member, has been largely actuated by patriotic zeal, with a vision to partner with the other national officers and party stakeholders to rebuild, rebrand and reposition the party that Nigerians and the international community can trust”.

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“My mission in the office of the NATIONAL LEGAL ADVISER is to use my experience to revamped the legal departments at the headquarters, state offices and chapters to play major roles in the enforcement of party guidelines and compliance with the Party constitution, and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with emphasis on alternative dispute resolution to reduce the unmanageable number of protracted litigation that virtually brought the party to Its knees in the past.

Odey maintained that, with thirty years of active legal and political experience, and having represented the Peoples Democratic Party in over three hundred cases across the country in all strata of courts in mainly political cases, “I’m well positioned to serve the party and country.

He added that he was privileged to serve the party as a member of screening and congress planning committees at the state and national levels.

The legal icon advocated for internal democracy stressing that , there will be fewer conflicts and agitations within the party when members are afforded the requisite level playing field to aspire and contribute to the development of the party, as opposed to the negative consequences of impunity and imposition by those upon whom leadership has been entrusted by God through the people.

He reiterated the need for gender-sensitive social and political activist, which he will continue to advocate and support inclusiveness for women.

Barr.  Odey revealed that youths are not too young to run for political offices, adding; “Our political elders of today started occupying high offices at very youthful age, and today’s young people must be given a chance to play there own part towards national growth.

He cautioned unwarranted comments that PDP is no longer in crises as the present government and their media apologists would portray. We are only midwifing a process of internal democracy which is naturally characterized by disagreements, negotiations and eventual understanding.

We are now strong again, and I shall partner with stakeholders to sustain this newfound peace. I stood by the party in its most trying times, and recently up to the Supreme Court.

“I want to add more value to the electoral of my beloved Party. Let’s leverage on our present strength to kick APC out of power come 2019”, he added.

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