How Jos South Management Committee Chairman Sponsored Thugs To Disrupt Exercise APC Councilorship Primaries In Bukuru Ward

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Yakubu Busari

Pandemonium broke out in Bukuru ward of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State as the irate youths of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in that clashed against each other during Councillorship primaries which finally lead to indefinite suspension of primary elections.

A Group of concerned APC who spoke to this medium on phone revealed that the tensed atmosphere brought voters to stand still where the election at the Party’s primaries in Bukuru ward in Jos South Local Government was suspended due to many youths who were engaged in a fight against each other.

It was alleged that the Management Committee Chairman sponsored some boys to cause confusion when he realized that their candidate would lose the primaries conducted last Saturday.

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It is obvious that the APC promised to conduct free, fair and credible election but with the numerous number of petitions filtering in, it is indeed an indication that the hope of many will be dashed after the scheduled February 17th Local Government Election. findings indicate that bloodbath was averted in some wards due to internal wrangling from aggrieved members who registered their displeasure that it was an imposition of candidates all through the voting exercise.

This medium gathered that the case at Bukuru ward showed that two of the aspirants who narrowly escaped death, Hon. Gidiom Davou    Dung and Ahmadu Bello but sustained various degrees of wounds were bitten as even Ibrahim Galadima hinted that his agent scrabbled also on how to escape the mob while the fighting continued.

According to an eyewitness the crisis started when some group of people came in singing war songs which led to the attack, the attack escalated and those that who were in charge of conducting election has to run for their lives and which also destabilize the arrangement for election up to the extent that the primaries were postponed.

The concerned group called for members to remain claim and resolute and work for the victory of their party. They also blamed stakeholders for not being active in their responsibility.

Meanwhile, the Bukuru Ward peoples assembly a social-political forum that draws its membership from ethnic nationalities in the Bukuru Central ward of Jos South LGC with a common vision of building closer ties and mutual understanding has condemned the incident of last Saturday, they also condemned the common selfish  use of state  funds as the councils has not been developed  which they said it has brought about setback to the society.

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