Why I Can’t Stick Out My Neck To Support President Jonathan ––Amaechi Opens Up

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Embattled Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has said that President Goodluck Jonathan knows the right thing to do if he is indeed interested in contesting the 2015 presidential election.

Amaechi who stressed that as Chairman of Governors’ Forum he is a critical stakeholder in the equation, insisted that: “If he [Jonathan] wants to contest, he will call me and inform me. And then we will look at it.”

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Asked by his interviewer if there are reasons why he might not support Jonathan who come from the same geo-political zone with him, Amaechi retorted: “I don’t understand what you mean by I come from the same zone as the president and if there is any reason why I cannot support him. I’ve told you that the President is yet to say whether he wants to run or not.”
The interviewer persisted and told the governor whether he did not think his refusal to answer the question was responsible for his problem with the Presidency. But Amaechi snapped back, saying: 
“What makes the question simple? You want me to become a prophet and determine that the president will contest? Assuming I say today that I will support the President and tomorrow the President says he is not contesting. Let the President inform me that he wants to contest… If he decides to contest, he will call those that he wants to support him. That would be the time that we will discuss the issue.”
On the specifics of their disagreement with PDP leadership, Governor Amaechi said, “It is all muddled up. You won’t talk about governance without talking about the party. The party needs to look at the direction the government is going…If we want victory at the polls, we have to correct these things. 
“The party is not consulting enough; it seems as if the party wants to undermine the governors. What you see in the NGF is a deliberate attempt to cause confusion and division among the governors.”

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