Why I Am In The Governorship Race, By Olejeme

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Destiny, the urgent need to empower the people of Delta State and an answer to the clarion call by well-meaning individuals were given Friday by Dr. Ngozi Olejeme as the three main reasons for joining the 2015 governorship race.
Olejeme, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant, spoke in Lagos during a meeting with Anioma leaders.
She also told the leaders that she was in the race to provide the basic needs.
“I will give social security in the form of welfare. I will assist families in their daily struggles. I will look after the elderly ones and children. I will provide quality education and give unemployment allowances to the unemployed people. I will help businesses in the state to grow. I will ensure the rights and entitlements of the disadvantaged groups, the urban poor and the poor living in rural areas. I will map out poverty alleviation schemes through which our children (mainly our youths) and our women including indigent widows and the handicapped would be empowered” she promised.
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 Proposing a people centered development strategy that would incorporate the values of justice, sustainability, and inclusiveness for Delta State, Olejeme said she would improve the communities, make majority of the people self-reliance and ensure social justice, and participatory decision-making.
“I will provide clean drinking water and encourage the youths and women including the men through the provision of skill acquisition centres. I will ensure sound governance, accountability, efficiency and service delivery. I will listen to the views of the people, work together with communities and stakeholders in developing the state. I will take necessary steps to provide security in its entirety to all citizens. I will strive to end the rural-urban divide by providing urban amenities to rural areas. I will increase investment in agriculture, promote rural sports, ensure a health care system that is accessible, affordable and effective” she promised.
In particular, Olejeme, who is the brain behind social security in Nigeria, said she would provide dignity of life to specially-abled people and ensure a policy of zero tolerance for violence against women”
“I will provide an efficient administration. I will eliminate obsolete laws, use technology to prepare our children for a knowledge society, modernize the courts, usher the economy into a high growth path, reignite the investment cycle, and accelerate job creation”.
She stressed that her administration would create a policy environment which is transparent and fair.
“I will embark on simplification of the tax regime,
expand employment opportunities ,strengthen the pension and health insurance safety nets for labour force of all categories, chalk out an ambitious infrastructure development programme, encourage private sector investments , expand education infrastructure, improve the quality of teachers and conditions of service, encourage individuals and Voluntary Agencies to open schools as long as they meet government guidelines” she said.
“Deltans want to see a vibrant, dynamic and prosperous state. We must rise to the occasion to fulfill these great expectations. In four years from 2015, we should be able to say with confidence and pride that we have done it” she added

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