Why Fulani’s Are In Support of President Goodluck Jonathan-Nasarawa state secretary Meyyiti-Allah

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Alhaji Muhammad Hussaini is the National coordinator of Goodluck Jonathan Support Group 2015 and member president campaign committee gave detail reasons why they are in support of the re-election bid of the president, He gave the hint in an exclusive interview, He also bared his mind on why the Federal Government should import hybrid of cattle to complement the few, Our correspondent,RABIU DOGARA OMAKU writes.
Tell us more about your group, The Fulani support group for Goodluck Jonathan?
Our group Fulani support group for Goodluck Jonathon 2015 mainstay was to ensure that the president return to power ,We the Fulani benefited a lot from this administration, This group has it followers cut across the thirty six states including the federal capital territory ,Abuja, Some of the concrete reasons are
The current regime carried the Fulani’s along, looking at the conglomeration of stalwart from the PDP they are mostly Fulani’s ranging from the national chairman of the party, Adamu Muazu, Senator Walid Jibrin,the secretary Board of Trustee, Professor Rufai Ahmed, Dr.Musa Babayo, Isa Yuguda, Sule Lamido, Umar Machido, to mention but a few among them, This a strong reason why we are supporting Mr. President
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Another reason was that the president established Al-Majiri school system aimed at halving the rising spate of street urchins in the north, the schools would go a long way to tackle the ugly trend.
Again the incumbent federal government created additional Federal Universities of which Nasarawa state was inclusive, By 2016 we are expecting  more graduates ,This also accord chances to the down trodden in the society who would not afford to travel far.
The fourth reason was the ongoing overhauling of the nation’s railway lines ,Is an effort worthy of emulation ,we paid N6000  per head of a cattle by route but if is going to be by rail it would not cost more than N1000 ,Is this not achievement ?
Coming back to Nasarawa state the PDP regime under president Goodluck has succeeded in the rehabilitation of Awe-Obi-Lafia highway, The rehabilitation seriously tackle the huddles we faced in transporting our heads of cattle to the market, Some on the process of moving them to Lafia due to the bad road died while we are force to slaughter others, Is this not achievement?
Another reason was the completion of Gurara dam in Kaduna state, The project has ended the nightmare faced by cattle breeders this compelled some of them to move down to Ghana in search of a greener pasture, Is this not a giant stride  of Mr. President  to halve acute shortage of water ?
Any hope for the success of Mr. President in next month general election?
Sky is the starting point for we in the PDP, I’m hopeful that Jonathan would have his way to Aso Rock without any itches, We are conversing for support from hinterland to riverine areas to make sure that Fulani turn out en masses to support the president .
Most of the people especially the Fulani’s are yet to get their PVC, what would be your reaction to this?
I can assured you that majority of our people has collected their PVC ,As I’m talking to you now, statistic has shown that over 80 percent of Fulani in the country not only Nasarawa state has collected their Permanent Voters’ Card.

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