We Will Stop You In The Forthcoming Local Government Election, Mikang Concerned Politicians Tells Hon. Vuegap

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A group under the aegis of Concerned Mikang Politicians (CMP) has vowed to frustrate the ambition of Hon. Vuegap Ezekiel in the primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Mikang Local Government.

The group in a press release made available to REALITY today, dated 28/10/2017, added that, “if we fail to stop him at the primary election of the party APC, we will join the opposition political party of our choice, to stop him from becoming the elected Executive Chairman of the Local Government in the forthcoming Local Government election, slated for 17th February, 2018, by the State’s Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC).”

The group hinted that their grievance is caused by Hon. Vuegap’s effrontery, “to pick the APC form to contest for the LGC Chairmanship, as against an earlier agreement not to, while he was being nominated for the Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) Chairmanship position by Governor Simon Lalong.

In a telephone interview with Hon. Vuegap today on the development, Hon. Vuegap had dismissed the existence of any agreement with anybody or group in Mikang that he was not going to contest the LGC election, owing to his appointment as Member and later Chairman of the TIC.

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He said, “It was Governor Lalong that initially said that, those appointed as TIC Members and Chairmen, would not contest in the forthcoming LGC election. But later, as a Lawyer, who understands the workings of the Law and the Constitution, he reneged and said it would be a violation of the right of members. Governor Lalong also further explained that, if the administration is dragged to Court on that, the Plaintiff would win.”

“So, I never entered any agreement with anybody or group, as they tend to speculate. You know in politics there are several interests and groups” Hon. Vuegap added.

You would however recall that, REALITY had reported yesterday that in a telephone interview with Hon. Youmpang Galmet (A.K.A Youmpe), who also hails from Mikang, over the development, he told REALITY that, the anger against Hon. Vuegap is based on the fact that he had earlier signed an agreement with the people of Mikang and other political stakeholders in the Local Government that, he would not contest the forthcoming LGC election, if he is allowed to be appointed as the TIC Chairman.

Today also, while on telephone with REALITY, Hon. Youmpang Galmet, promised to forward the disputed agreement document to REALITY’s office for the world to see.

To added strength to his commitment, Hon. Youmpang, sent REALITY an SMS to be place on record. “I will get you the agreement”, he stated.

You would recall that owing to the political tension and the conflict in Mikang LGC, the Local Government was among the last to make appearance in the on-going Trade Fair in Jos, as the stand allocated to the local government remained empty for days since the Fair was flagged off.

Source: realitynewspaper.com.ng

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  1. jandu J J says

    This is what happens when you trust a politician. The way forward for them is self interest only.

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