Lalong Does Not Own The Peace Of Plateau, Nanle Tells Critics Of Gov. Lalong Over Interview With Ben Tv

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In the last one week a video of the interview of Gov Simon Bako Lalong with Ben TV has gained currency by going viral and the unfortunate commentaries that followed its circulation are truly sad for a state yet to fully recover from the divisive ethnic politics of 2015 and the painful memories of almost one and half decade of bloodshed.

What is more worrisome is that even before the broken and grieving hearts of the bereaved in the two months of attack in Wereh, Bassa and Riyom have healed, some have chosen to play politics with the misfortune of those who have not done anything in anyway, to be the recipients of the onslaught and assault on our corporate identity as Plateau people.

We have indeed spat on the grave of the more than 60 people killed in cold blood by these unknown assailants suspected to be marauding Fulani herdsmen and mercenaries.

What are in the interview I beg to ask, that has a connection between the issues of conflict Gov Lalong responding to in the interview under reference with respect to Jos north and the Bassa Attack?

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The connection in the interview can only reside in the mischievous contraption of the mind of those who would rather wish for sustained war in Plateau than peace, because it is coming too soon for them and at a time that there capacity to bounce back to power without violence is fast getting eroded.

They lack the capacity to appreciate that with or without Lalong a peaceful plateau is a plateau for all. The issues that have become sources of violent contestations in the 15yrs of conflict preceding the election of Lalong in 2015 have revolved around politics, Economics, Values, identity, Land, Religion, history and power plays enveloped in the inordinate Pursuits of conflict merchants amongst others.

Everyone who is not a toddler in his or her mental capacity know from history and experience that the issues of attack in Bassa, or Barkin Ladi have no connection however remotely inferred with the appointment of a Hausa fulani Commissioner from Jos North. The issues are different and the solutions to the BASSA attack will certainly not be addressed with the peculiar solution of Jos North.

Those who insist on not situating the response of Governor Lalong within the context of the interview with respect to Jos North are at liberty to use the cheapest cost of a network data to keep circulating a two year old video interview which the Governor had after the appointment of Commissioners in November 2015.

Every discerning heart and wise watcher of this video will know that the simple reason for its social media resurgence is the cheap political desire of the opposition elements to score a cheap political point with regards to the Bassa and wereh killings of the last two months.

It is unfortunate that instead of the New media serving as a platform for information and positive social connection it has now been employed as a vehicle for deregulated social media insurgency and its relevance is sustained by the ignorant contribution of the gullible to the conversation.

Lalong does not own the peace of Plateau but is working sincerely for it; let all those who rather want to have a state in crisis because APC and Lalong are the Government in office keep dreaming, because those who want a peaceful state are working with Lalong.

Plateau will certainly be better with every passing challenge.

Emma Nanle(Director of Press and Public Affairs)

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