Water Scarcity Hits Jos, Commissioner Promised Better Improve Service

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Yakubu Busari

The Commissioner for Water Resources and Energy in Plateau state Hon David Jaafaru Wuyep has said, water scarcity has hit Plateau state capital forcing residents to drink from the ponds and stream resources.

The Commissioner promised that  the water scarcity hitting some parts of the state   will soon be a thing of the past ,as government have embark on  measures to provide them  with  quality source of  water.

He described the problem of acute scarcity hitting some communities in the state capital as temporary setback which is cause by vandalism as well as   old pipelines that needs to be replaced with new ones.

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Wuyep stated this in an interview with Journalists in his office in Jos.

He expressed shock that the challenges of getting supply of water in Plateau state and its environs has become a recurring decimal which has been as a result   of infrastructure decay as well as poor management of resources from the governments.

Wuyep cautioned citizens against vandalizing public pipelines and exercise understanding because government is affected from dwindling oil price which is the only source of income.

According to him, government introduced three alternative measure of partnership with the private / public sector to improve on other sources of generating revenue which is slow.

“We are calling on people to pay little so that they can get service delivery to contribute, adding Plateau state still have enough water to solve water problem.

Wuyep maintained that the only obsolete equipment controlling water channels of some main pipeline are broken completely and that they are replacing them gradually.

He tasked people to ensure that the pay their water bills and government would supply water to their domain.

Wuyep said there are projects that are cited in the state and government is working hard to take assessment of them.

He expressed dismayed over the activities of the immediate past regime especially in the water intervention project from EU.

Wuyep noted that administrative lapses has been the major reason why  citizens  are going through this suffering in the state.

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