Unabated Killings, Bloodshed And Unmitigated Insecurity In Plateau Shows That You Have Failed, Group Tells Lalong

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Yakubu Busari


  • Says We Are Under Threat Of Political Genocide And Land Grabbing


A group under the aegis of United Arewa Youth Organization wishes to condemn in totality the carnage that has continued to ravage the north, particular with reference to plateau state in the guise of herders/farmers conflict and any other coloration associated with it.


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A press statement Signed Dindam Isaac Laven Chairman NEC (U.A.Y.O) said although, many hold the view that the crisis as it is today predates the government of the day, we beg to differ for the following reasons;


  • Unprecedented increase in number of casualties recorded


  • Multiplicity of attacks, often times carried out simultaneously through affected communities


  • Frequency of occurrence of the crisis


  • The reaction time after such incidences has occurred.


All these indicate to failure of duty on the path of those responsible for securing lives and property.


The efforts of previous governments have seen plateau state come out of its crisis and endure in relatively stable peace. However, these gains have not been consolidated upon, which is the obvious reason why we have a relapse in the improved security situation in the state.


As a matter of fact reaching an all-time low so much so that mass exodus from target communities and mass burials in affected communities are now common sight. This is unacceptable.


What is more worrisome is the fact that ,while plateau state was burning under the hostile fire of enemies of the state, the governors demeanor and disposition on issues relating to the crisis continues to give us a cause to worry.


The question begs thus; does plateau state have a chief security officer? The answer is obvious to the blind, when the sitting governor prioritized lavish overseas trips and ostentatious parties over attending to the burning crisis in the state is a fact that need not be over-emphasized.


Furthermore, the lackadaisical attitude of the governor towards the IDPs that saw him pay them a visit 3 weeks after the occurrence of the disaster is another point that buttresses the level of sophistication of the cluelessness of the government as regards state- oriented approach to managing the crisis.


It is also worthy of note, that since the earlier visit of the president and the subsequent visit to commiserate with residents of the state over the lingering crisis, the governor has not disappointed us over his elated demeanors even when the entire state mourned and his inability to apply diplomacy is seeking and acquiring all the help he can get from the Federal government.


He has rather turned such forum to praise-singing events where only words of adulation for himself and the president are put forward and no visible solution or blueprint to actualizing peace on the plateau.


Indeed we cannot agree more with Hon. Edward Pwajok who on the floor of the House of Representatives submitted that the lingering crisis in plateau is a clear symptom of a state heading toward failure.


However, we shall not sit and watch this happen. This is why we are calling for the resignation of the governor of plateau state, because every successful attack on the people of plateau is an abdication of duty on his part and he must be held accountable. He has demonstrated that he lacks the capacity, competency and compassion to nip the bud of the lingering crisis in the state. As such, we call on all concerned citizens at all levels of government to concert efforts and invoke the necessary actions to ensure plateau state experiences a new form of leadership that has the qualities to forge progress, even in the face of adversity.

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  1. Pontim Wuyep says

    It’s very sad… But very soon God will expose their hidden agendas…

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